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Friday, March 7, 2014

My high school tennis coach was a cool guy who was really good at what he did. He was also my World History teacher, and he was good at that, too.

Now he is the Principal at Wylie High School (which is ever so slightly northeast of Dallas), and it is no surprise that he's also incredible at that.

He's the biggest supporter of kids I've ever met in my whole entire life. Rachel's Challenge plays a huge role in everything he does (I'd encourage you to grab a case of tissues before you click that me). 

And tonight he is on his way to Indiana from Texas. 

Why does that matter, you may be wondering. 

A freshman from his campus is missing, and I cannot imagine how distraught he must be right now, along with the family and friends of the missing kid. 

Whatever your "thing" is, be it prayer, positive thoughts, good intentions, or otherwise, I hope you will (in your own way) support his journey to Indiana where he will spread his strength and compassion in an effort to help find this missing child. 

As a mom, I cannot imagine how much it must hurt to search for your child. 

As a teacher, I cannot imagine how much it must hurt to know one of your own is missing. 

If I was in charge of the universe, I would do away with evil - just like that. 

I hate when people are in pain, and this is no exception. 

Even more, I hate when bad things happen to good people. 

Take that one step further, and I feel kids should be immune from trauma. 


With that said, here's hoping for peace...

Update - March 8, 12:30 pm - He was found safe and sound!!!

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