Happy Spring

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yesterday, the morning sky completely took my breath away. It was perfect - cotton candy hues of pink and blue, tinted slightly orange in places by the sun. It's the same Hill with a View that I've been in love with for the last two {+} years. If you don't go over it heading west at just the right time with just the right mindset, there is really no way you can appreciate its beauty in the same way I do. But I love it with my whole heart, and I miss it on overcast days like today.

Yesterday when I turned from west to south and away from a face-to-face view of the cotton candy sky, I flew directly underneath a rainbow of birds. Has that ever happened to you? There are fields on both sides of the roads on my way to school, and a few of the fields have huge flocks of birds that ebb and flow with whatever it is that floats their collective boats (which is not to say they are flocks of huge birds...I think they might be crows or grackles, or maybe just black birds). It's really an amazing display of nature to watch them take flight and land again on their perches (usually power lines), but yesterday they actually flew over me like a rainbow. So cool, and such a great reminder of my little place in this great big world.

Yesterday, we had the perfect weather. Warmish, but not hot. Coolish, but not cold. Sunny. Perfect.

Yesterday, I got two really cool gifts. First, I got a STEM kid!! Jay applied to the STEM program in February, and yesterday we found out that she was accepted into the program for her 4th grade year. Way to go, Jay!! Second, I got a clarinet player!! Cee decided to be in band next year, and last night was "instrument selection night." I am so excited for her to experience everything that is the world of band!

Both of these things will change the noise level and chill level in our house substantially, and I'm looking forward to engaging projects and a good set of earplugs (I kid, I kid...).

And today, after 19 heart-wrenching, conspiracy-ridden, angst-filled days (approximately 456 hours, or 27,360 minutes, or worst of all - 1,641,600 seconds) of nearly nonstop news watching, I have finally reached the point of burn out for all news about Malaysian Flight 370. I should have realized I was watching too much coverage when Cee casually mentioned "370" last week when someone told her they were flying out of town. Or when Jay started writing a short story about Zombie Planes in the Indian Ocean. I know this is a sad time for many people, but I have to throw in my towel of interest. After all, there are mudslides, burning buildings, torrential floods, disgruntled Russian leaders, and celebrities doing newsworthy things (like consciously uncoupling) that I can more evenly distribute my energy toward.

And there is Season Two of House of Cards to finish.

I was shocked at what Francis did to Zoe in Ch. 14. Shocked!!

Before I close the door on "370", I would like to thank CNN for introducing all of us (ad nauseam) to the word nefarious.

I hereby vow to never use that word.


{door closes}

And that's all I have for you tonight.

Peace and fictitious White House scandals...

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