There Was Snow School Today

Friday, January 24, 2014

Waking up at 5:30 am to discover school had been cancelled was the perfect way to start our second-in-a-row three day weekend! As soon as I got the notification, I went back to sleep. Deep sleep.

At 8 am, Jay crawled into my bed whisper-screeching, "Guess what, Mommy!!! It SNOWED!!! You have to see it!!! Because I love you!!"

Pretty irresistible in my book.

By 8:04, we were up, dressed, and checking out what Mother Nature had to offer to us.

A snow-kissed trampoline was the equivalent to a blank canvas for my girls...

It took them less than a minute to bust up the snowy cover.

And they quickly schemed to turn the pile into an arsenal.

I won't tell you who won the battle, but the victor remained on the trampoline. The smile that was smeared across her face was priceless.

By 8:24, we had a peace offering of a warm bowl of water to thaw appendages. 

And by 8:26, both smiles were back. This is how Jay's face looked for most of the day - she was hovering several miles above cloud 9!!!

We had time for Rainbow Loom, 


and naps with our very best buddies. 

Because this is Texas, all evidence was gone before the sun dipped below the horizon this evening. 

Regardless, I have no complaints about our snow day fun. The bird feeders are filled (for fowl, possum, field mice, hobbits, etc.), our hearts are full, and we are beyond happy to be tucked into our cozy, warm beds.

Happy "snow" day, and peace...

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