A Match Made in Heaven

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My tight little group of college friends are still some of my most favorite people on the entire planet, and we are working on sixteen years of post-college annual get-togethers for a grand total of 20 years as friends. This is 66.7% of us back in the good old days of the Southwest Conference, and there are no pictures of 100% of us in my possession that would be a good idea to post (you're welcome).
Don't be fooled - we weren't interviewing, we were tailgating. I realize this
is difficult to distinguish due to our party-girl professional game day attire. 
It's a pretty cool thing to have known these incredible ladies so well for that long. Since I was the only one on the five-year undergrad plan, I will land on the big four-oh ten months and a few days before the rest of them, but we definitely have some fun plans in place to celebrate our four decades here on earth!

In the meantime, I found this gem a couple of days ago and most of it really rings true for me. I hope you enjoy what Scary Mommy has to say about being 39.

One of my college friends (the one in the black dress pants) sent a gem of her own, courtesy of the Huffington Post, out to our little group tonight, and I think the two are a match made in heaven.

I am looking forward to my last ten months (to the day!) of my 39's, and I am honestly also ready and willing to see what the 40s are all about. I feel like this year is going to be full of possibilities, opportunity, and change.

There are also at least three babies I'm waiting to meet (VDS, Voss, and Anderson, respectively) and several weddings to celebrate as well (Avants, McCarty, and CPC, respectively). Oh, and a Principal Certification to complete.

Who knows what else is on the brink?!?! Not me.

Bring it on, 2014 - let's do this!


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