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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Now that we've successfully managed and organized all of our Christmas acquisitions, the girls have started on a new mission.

Their goal?

To purchase a bevy of accessories for their American Girl dolls.

Because girls need accessories, you know.

After carefully perusing the American Girl Doll catalog, making a spreadsheet of everything they need want, and price-checking against Our Generation products at Target, they have devised a plan for getting everything their dolls could have ever hoped to have.

This stuff is not for the faint of heart, y'all. The grand total for everything they wanted on round one was $2116.29 (tax included), and they managed to whittle it down to $1186.42. We are definitely on the "baby steps" track for this endeavor.

My little entrepreneurs, who are truly their father's children when it comes to things like this, decided to have a sale this morning. We started out with hot cocoa and other goodies...

And Texas weather being Texas weather, they were quick to make an adjustment for the afternoon...

Pretty safe to say they made out like bandits. It's also pretty safe to say that now they want to have some sort of a sale every day until they've earned enough to buy all things on their wish lists.

I'm always amazed by the generosity of neighbors, friends, and strangers in their efforts to support kids. There were so many people who stopped by just to give tips (I swear the cookies were good!), and so many people who made multiple visits for more goodies!

Okay - we're settling in for some Harry Potter deliciousness...

Muggles, beware.


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