thirty-nine (or forty, minus one).

Monday, November 4, 2013

at some ambiguous point in the last 24 hours, i turned thirty-nine.

cee and jay are pretty sure i am in a wicked state of denial and i am actually forty, and this has made me laugh every single time they've asked me if i'm sure i'm really only thirty-nine today.

the truth is that i don't dread turning forty, but i am wrestling with the whole concept of thirty-nine and i'm not sure why, which is approximately why i haven't posted for over a week two weeks- the concept of getting older has been weighing sort of heavily on my mind.

here's my best take on turning this age:

i have decided that thirty-nine is the grim reaper of forty. i totally can't wait to be forty, because logic tells me that if my 30's were wonderful, my 40's will be amazing! it's the grim reaper thing that has me pondering all of it, and i've secretly been wishing that my "thirty-nine grim reaper" will look something like joe black.

too much to ask?

i think this seems like a fairly reasonable request, all things considered.

in the days leading up to this "milestone," i have started drinking coffee.

and it's so good!

it makes me feel like someone in their late 30's (which is precisely what i should be feeling).

yesterday i discovered the magic of caramel macchiato creamer by international delight, and this alone makes me all kinds of happy, which {i think}is a completely thirty-nine year old thing to say.

i also discovered another type of magic this weekend: on saturday, i allowed myself to go to ikea for the first time ever. it was pretty much inevitable because cee's soccer game was way too close in proximity to it. i am ridiculously proud of myself for holding out for as long as i did, and even more proud of myself for allowing myself to carry in cash only in lieu of a credit card.

everybody wins this way, except for maybe sweden.

i don't want to make a big deal about this birthday because making a big deal about things isn't really my thing at all, but i do want to say that i feel incredibly blessed for everything my friends and family did to make today especially wonderful!

i am a very lucky lady, and i hope everyone knows how much i appreciate the well-wishes!!


(oh, and p.s. - for the fourth year in a row, i would like to gently remind everyone of my public service announcement: i am pretty sure the person who invented daylight savings time did not have children. that's all...)

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