Sunday, October 13, 2013

every time i look at our fish, oscar and elvis, one word comes to mind: resilient.

resilient, as in they absolutely won't die are complete troopers. they are survivors. songs have been written about them.

they're the easiest pets to take care of - i feed them once a day when i remember to (because the girls don't), i clean their bowls every now and then (because the girls won't), and they're alive and swimming. i didn't think fish were supposed to live this long. honestly.

the whole reason this matters is because i finally decided on a paint palette for our entire house. it only took me four years and seven months, but i really do like to think things through before i make a big decision. yesterday i went to lowe's and bought almost all the paint i will need to complete this monumental task. seven gallons of paint: some with primer (thanks to browning's murder tail), and some without. after seven hours, i made it through one gallon in the girls' play room. whew!

there were several times this morning where i found myself teetering precariously on items of questionable sturdiness in an effort to reach a spot i'd missed, and i thought, 'this is how people die.'

maybe that's how the saying, 'the devil's in the details' came to be?

and then i realized that the whole concept of teetering precariously on items of questionable stability could be the perfect metaphor for distinct parts of my life. i'm fairly resilient myself, but that's another post for another time.

as i slathered on primer-infused coats of desert travels, i realized the color i chose is actually a long-shot variant of pink (along with the other colors i'll be using), which is *so, so, so* not my thing. but the end result should be pretty dreamy.

i hope.

back to the fish. they previously resided on a small desk in the play room and now that desk will actually be used a desk instead of a fish holder. my next task is to find a new location for them. will they redefine resiliency? only time will tell.

i will show you pictures of the finished rooms once the lighting is better - we had a seriously torrential incident happen this weekend, and it has been overcast since saturday afternoon. i totally love this weather, so i'm not wishing it away anytime soon. the good news is that we may get a week free of soccer practice which leaves more time for...painting!!!


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