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Sunday, October 20, 2013

that was my favorite alabama song when i was younger (it reminded me of my grandmother - this one - who was my constant, my go-to, my pal, my earthly idol, and my still-miss-her-every-single-day), and this weekend was one of my favorite weekends in a really long time...pretty close to perfect.

fall is here.

it's cold (like in the 50s instead of the 100s. not colorado cold, but definitely texas cold).

cee had a soccer game saturday morning, and no parents or players were assaulted which was a remarkable improvement from last weekend. we went to lunch with friends afterward, and then we made a quick stop at the candy store.

i can't remember if i told you this or not, but i bribed the girls with a trampoline in exchange for me doing the principal certification program. the bribe arrived on wednesday, and we assembled it on thursday. and friday. and saturday.

and a quick aside...

dear technical writer people - when the second thing you tell me about assembling my trampoline is that it requires two adults to accomplish the task, i really need you to know that is less of a warning to me as it is a personal challenge. and surely i'm not the only person who interprets your instructions that way? just an fyi. thanks - me.

enough of that. who on earth would have guessed that the trampoline's arrival would cause my ten year old to take a spontaneous, self-induced nap on a cool, fall day? not me.

last night we carved pumpkins...

...and i have a confession. if i have ever had hoarder tendencies in my life, they tend to happen most often in october. carving pumpkins is super fun for them, i enjoy the luminescent aftermath, but everybody wins when we roast pumpkin seeds. i have contemplated possible ways to have these on hand for the entire year.

should i stock pile massive amounts of whole pumpkins and store them in a deep freeze? should i buy pumpkins in mass quantities in october and save the seeds to roast periodically throughout the year? i don't know the answer. do you? please help me. this is bordering on a serious problem.

it was jay's first year to carve her pumpkin on her own. after a half hour of hard work, she brought her masterpiece to me and said, 'mamma, my pumpkin doesn't have a mouth!' and then she cried. she was right, and it was awesome. i tried my best to fix it (you'll see how that turned out in just a second).

just before bedtime, we made a pallet on the trampoline. we piled on all of our blankets, made hot chocolate, nibbled on warm pumpkin seeds, and i was seriously smack dab in the middle of my own personal paradise.

today, cee went to san antonio with her soccer friends. they got to watch the usa women's soccer team play australia. she had a blast, and i am so happy that she got to experience this level of competition with sweet friends!!

while she was away, jay and i had a fun mommy/daughter mommy/daughter day is complete without attempting tongue tattoos via fun stripe gum wrappers, right?

and now we are back home settling in for the night and getting ready for a fun week ahead. are you impressed with how i turned a mouthless pumpkin into a forest with eyes?

this weekend was my most favorite weekend that i can remember in possibly forever. if i had to pick a 24 hour 'groundhog day' segment for myself to relive day after day after day after day, it would be late saturday morning leading into sunday, no looking back, no thinking twice.

this is my most favorite time of the year. i think i've told you that before (at least a gazillion times? sorry.). cool weather, sweaters, jeans, fires in the fireplace, being outside, coffee in the morning, and sharing it all with two amazing little ladies by my side. i can't imagine how things could get any better.

and now it's getting close to fantasy football time. go broncos.



Tina said...

I still love your blog and read every post. You almost have me thinking about starting to blog again. I do miss it...we'll see. :)

it's just me... said...

Thanks, Tina. I sure wish you would!

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