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Friday, October 4, 2013

when cee was a mere two year old, i was (as all mothers - especially first time mothers - are) pretty sure that she was absolutely the most perfect child who had ever graced the earth.

and then one of our friend's girlfriends met cee for the first time and sweetly said, 'oh my goodness - she is adorable and i love her little mullet!'

slam on the mom brakes!


no way. not my kid.

but guess what - she was right.

cee had a mini-mullet.

business in the front, party in the back. despite our best efforts to tame her cotton top, her hair would not grow any other way until right before kindergarten started. couple that with her favorite pair(s) of camo shorts and her wreckless smile, and we nearly had a little redneck on our hands.

luckily, blonde tresses finally reared their heads, and hopefully not too many people remember the fluffy cotton mullet that she had from when she was 2 until she finally turned 5 (although personally i will never forget that lovely fluff).

fast forward nine years later, and it's time for us to talk about jay.

her teacher this year is amazing. she is a good friend of mine, and she was actually jay's first grade teacher. i sent a gigantic cosmic wish out on the day i learned that her teacher was moving from first grade to third grade this year. i wished and hoped that we would possibly, pretty please, by chance, be lucky enough to have her again for third grade.

like magic, our wish was granted.

we love mrs. taylor.

mrs. taylor sends me little glimpses of 'funny' into jay's school work and i dearly appreciate getting to peek into her learning day.

mrs. taylor also helped me unearth something i've been pondering for quite some time, and i didn't even know exactly why i was wondering it until she presented me with the answer.

it started with a simple text: highlighters...your ocd daughter's dream come true. 

she wasn't even kidding.

the friday folder revealed the following:


and this...

and {obviously} this...

let me just say - the 'ocd' call was spot-on. this kid is precise. she is measured and calculated. she is planned out for months in advance. she gets a little panicky if we go out of order on our itineraries. she needs a clearly marked calendar to let her know what's coming up each week.

the first thing she says when she wakes up each morning is, 'i love you, mommy.'

the second thing she says to me is, 'how many minutes do i have to get ready this morning?'

the third thing she says is, 'could you please get my outfit for me?' (because it is perfectly folded, and then stacked neatly on her dresser each night before she goes to bed).

this is the child who organizes her world through excel spreadsheets, power points, immaculate drawers, and themed meals; and don't even get me started on her ipad calendar.

the smallest deviations from planned activities completely rock her world, and after it's rocked, it takes her awhile to regroup and bounce back into the swing of things.

the day she got her planner for third grade (on the first day of school) may have been one of the happiest days of her life (second only to the day she discovered the magical world of highlighters).

there are no words to describe how completely stoked i am for the many endeavors we will embark on together in the world of staples and office depot. highlighters, post its, and other assorted office supplies are our sky, and the sky's the limit!

i have high hopes that some day i will be as organized as she is.

but most of all, i am thankful i finally have a name for what drives my sweet little jay bird forward every day.

putting a face to the name has been superbly helpful to me in this scenario, and now i feel like i have a better idea of what it feels like to walk a mile in jay's shoes...

...although i have no idea where she gets this because on most days, it takes me a few minutes to remember where my shoes are.

we'll learn to roll with this because that's what we do. :)


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