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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

during the summer, i decided it was time to embark on my next academic adventure. after finishing my masters in curriculum just about a year ago, i was getting a little stir crazy.

i could be one of those forever-student kind of people and be perfectly happy for the rest of my life. ultimately, i want to pursue my ph.d. but i just don't think i'm ready for the time commitment yet.

i decided on an intermediary step. on monday, i started my first class of my principal certification program. i don't necessarily want to be a principal, but i feel like this is a valuable stepping stone in moving towards a curriculum position.

so here we go!!

my first class is an introduction - fundamentals of leadership. this week is devoted entirely to finding out about my leadership style. i am going to make an early prediction that my overall results of this combination of assessments tell me two key things:

1) i need to generate a backbone, and quickly.

2) i need to learn to see both sides of a scenario before i rush to judgment.

only time will tell, but i am really looking forward to the next nine months of learning!

on a slightly unrelated note, the girls and i had a last-hurrah kind of weekend, complete with a wii off on saturday night as a way to pay homage to our last care-free weekend for awhile (note: i sufficiently bribed them with a trampoline in exchange for my study time over the next few months, so we are pretty even with our sacrifices in this whole endeavor).

our celebration was so amazing that it continued when we woke up sunday morning; however, one of the wii remotes ran out of batteries and the other one was nowhere to be found. the girls decided to scavenge our entire house looking for double a batteries to 'borrow'. i strongly encouraged them to find the one working remote so we could continue our festivities, as i was pretty sure they were the ones who lost the one remaining 'good' remote.

and now would probably be an appropriate time for the following apology-slash-love note:

dear girls,
super sorry about thinking you were the ones who misplaced the wii remote. won't happen again.
love, mom

p.s. - as a penance for my oversight, i hope you will take into consideration that the entire right side of my body (from shoulder to knee, and everything in between) was tough-mudder sore until just today from hitting so many home runs, winning all those tennis matches, and showing off my severely under-appreciated bowling expertise.


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