close enough to perfect for me...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

that was my favorite alabama song when i was younger (it reminded me of my grandmother - this one - who was my constant, my go-to, my pal, my earthly idol, and my still-miss-her-every-single-day), and this weekend was one of my favorite weekends in a really long time...pretty close to perfect.

fall is here.

it's cold (like in the 50s instead of the 100s. not colorado cold, but definitely texas cold).

cee had a soccer game saturday morning, and no parents or players were assaulted which was a remarkable improvement from last weekend. we went to lunch with friends afterward, and then we made a quick stop at the candy store.

i can't remember if i told you this or not, but i bribed the girls with a trampoline in exchange for me doing the principal certification program. the bribe arrived on wednesday, and we assembled it on thursday. and friday. and saturday.

and a quick aside...

dear technical writer people - when the second thing you tell me about assembling my trampoline is that it requires two adults to accomplish the task, i really need you to know that is less of a warning to me as it is a personal challenge. and surely i'm not the only person who interprets your instructions that way? just an fyi. thanks - me.

enough of that. who on earth would have guessed that the trampoline's arrival would cause my ten year old to take a spontaneous, self-induced nap on a cool, fall day? not me.

last night we carved pumpkins...

...and i have a confession. if i have ever had hoarder tendencies in my life, they tend to happen most often in october. carving pumpkins is super fun for them, i enjoy the luminescent aftermath, but everybody wins when we roast pumpkin seeds. i have contemplated possible ways to have these on hand for the entire year.

should i stock pile massive amounts of whole pumpkins and store them in a deep freeze? should i buy pumpkins in mass quantities in october and save the seeds to roast periodically throughout the year? i don't know the answer. do you? please help me. this is bordering on a serious problem.

it was jay's first year to carve her pumpkin on her own. after a half hour of hard work, she brought her masterpiece to me and said, 'mamma, my pumpkin doesn't have a mouth!' and then she cried. she was right, and it was awesome. i tried my best to fix it (you'll see how that turned out in just a second).

just before bedtime, we made a pallet on the trampoline. we piled on all of our blankets, made hot chocolate, nibbled on warm pumpkin seeds, and i was seriously smack dab in the middle of my own personal paradise.

today, cee went to san antonio with her soccer friends. they got to watch the usa women's soccer team play australia. she had a blast, and i am so happy that she got to experience this level of competition with sweet friends!!

while she was away, jay and i had a fun mommy/daughter mommy/daughter day is complete without attempting tongue tattoos via fun stripe gum wrappers, right?

and now we are back home settling in for the night and getting ready for a fun week ahead. are you impressed with how i turned a mouthless pumpkin into a forest with eyes?

this weekend was my most favorite weekend that i can remember in possibly forever. if i had to pick a 24 hour 'groundhog day' segment for myself to relive day after day after day after day, it would be late saturday morning leading into sunday, no looking back, no thinking twice.

this is my most favorite time of the year. i think i've told you that before (at least a gazillion times? sorry.). cool weather, sweaters, jeans, fires in the fireplace, being outside, coffee in the morning, and sharing it all with two amazing little ladies by my side. i can't imagine how things could get any better.

and now it's getting close to fantasy football time. go broncos.



Sunday, October 13, 2013

every time i look at our fish, oscar and elvis, one word comes to mind: resilient.

resilient, as in they absolutely won't die are complete troopers. they are survivors. songs have been written about them.

they're the easiest pets to take care of - i feed them once a day when i remember to (because the girls don't), i clean their bowls every now and then (because the girls won't), and they're alive and swimming. i didn't think fish were supposed to live this long. honestly.

the whole reason this matters is because i finally decided on a paint palette for our entire house. it only took me four years and seven months, but i really do like to think things through before i make a big decision. yesterday i went to lowe's and bought almost all the paint i will need to complete this monumental task. seven gallons of paint: some with primer (thanks to browning's murder tail), and some without. after seven hours, i made it through one gallon in the girls' play room. whew!

there were several times this morning where i found myself teetering precariously on items of questionable sturdiness in an effort to reach a spot i'd missed, and i thought, 'this is how people die.'

maybe that's how the saying, 'the devil's in the details' came to be?

and then i realized that the whole concept of teetering precariously on items of questionable stability could be the perfect metaphor for distinct parts of my life. i'm fairly resilient myself, but that's another post for another time.

as i slathered on primer-infused coats of desert travels, i realized the color i chose is actually a long-shot variant of pink (along with the other colors i'll be using), which is *so, so, so* not my thing. but the end result should be pretty dreamy.

i hope.

back to the fish. they previously resided on a small desk in the play room and now that desk will actually be used a desk instead of a fish holder. my next task is to find a new location for them. will they redefine resiliency? only time will tell.

i will show you pictures of the finished rooms once the lighting is better - we had a seriously torrential incident happen this weekend, and it has been overcast since saturday afternoon. i totally love this weather, so i'm not wishing it away anytime soon. the good news is that we may get a week free of soccer practice which leaves more time for...painting!!!


lines of the day

Thursday, October 10, 2013

cee: i really don't think they should call glee glee anymore because finn is dead, brittany s. pierce didn't come back to mckinley for his celebration, mr. schue can't even cry, and there's no rachel berry or quinn fabray on the show. where's the glee in that?


jay: remember in second grade when i had that question on a test that asked, 'what do you need to write an expository piece of writing? well, i didn't really know what expository meant way back then, so i just wrote 'a pencil, and maybe some paper.' i think i probably got that one wrong.


gosh, i love these girls.


a new leaf

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

during the summer, i decided it was time to embark on my next academic adventure. after finishing my masters in curriculum just about a year ago, i was getting a little stir crazy.

i could be one of those forever-student kind of people and be perfectly happy for the rest of my life. ultimately, i want to pursue my ph.d. but i just don't think i'm ready for the time commitment yet.

i decided on an intermediary step. on monday, i started my first class of my principal certification program. i don't necessarily want to be a principal, but i feel like this is a valuable stepping stone in moving towards a curriculum position.

so here we go!!

my first class is an introduction - fundamentals of leadership. this week is devoted entirely to finding out about my leadership style. i am going to make an early prediction that my overall results of this combination of assessments tell me two key things:

1) i need to generate a backbone, and quickly.

2) i need to learn to see both sides of a scenario before i rush to judgment.

only time will tell, but i am really looking forward to the next nine months of learning!

on a slightly unrelated note, the girls and i had a last-hurrah kind of weekend, complete with a wii off on saturday night as a way to pay homage to our last care-free weekend for awhile (note: i sufficiently bribed them with a trampoline in exchange for my study time over the next few months, so we are pretty even with our sacrifices in this whole endeavor).

our celebration was so amazing that it continued when we woke up sunday morning; however, one of the wii remotes ran out of batteries and the other one was nowhere to be found. the girls decided to scavenge our entire house looking for double a batteries to 'borrow'. i strongly encouraged them to find the one working remote so we could continue our festivities, as i was pretty sure they were the ones who lost the one remaining 'good' remote.

and now would probably be an appropriate time for the following apology-slash-love note:

dear girls,
super sorry about thinking you were the ones who misplaced the wii remote. won't happen again.
love, mom

p.s. - as a penance for my oversight, i hope you will take into consideration that the entire right side of my body (from shoulder to knee, and everything in between) was tough-mudder sore until just today from hitting so many home runs, winning all those tennis matches, and showing off my severely under-appreciated bowling expertise.


calling a spade a spade

Friday, October 4, 2013

when cee was a mere two year old, i was (as all mothers - especially first time mothers - are) pretty sure that she was absolutely the most perfect child who had ever graced the earth.

and then one of our friend's girlfriends met cee for the first time and sweetly said, 'oh my goodness - she is adorable and i love her little mullet!'

slam on the mom brakes!


no way. not my kid.

but guess what - she was right.

cee had a mini-mullet.

business in the front, party in the back. despite our best efforts to tame her cotton top, her hair would not grow any other way until right before kindergarten started. couple that with her favorite pair(s) of camo shorts and her wreckless smile, and we nearly had a little redneck on our hands.

luckily, blonde tresses finally reared their heads, and hopefully not too many people remember the fluffy cotton mullet that she had from when she was 2 until she finally turned 5 (although personally i will never forget that lovely fluff).

fast forward nine years later, and it's time for us to talk about jay.

her teacher this year is amazing. she is a good friend of mine, and she was actually jay's first grade teacher. i sent a gigantic cosmic wish out on the day i learned that her teacher was moving from first grade to third grade this year. i wished and hoped that we would possibly, pretty please, by chance, be lucky enough to have her again for third grade.

like magic, our wish was granted.

we love mrs. taylor.

mrs. taylor sends me little glimpses of 'funny' into jay's school work and i dearly appreciate getting to peek into her learning day.

mrs. taylor also helped me unearth something i've been pondering for quite some time, and i didn't even know exactly why i was wondering it until she presented me with the answer.

it started with a simple text: highlighters...your ocd daughter's dream come true. 

she wasn't even kidding.

the friday folder revealed the following:


and this...

and {obviously} this...

let me just say - the 'ocd' call was spot-on. this kid is precise. she is measured and calculated. she is planned out for months in advance. she gets a little panicky if we go out of order on our itineraries. she needs a clearly marked calendar to let her know what's coming up each week.

the first thing she says when she wakes up each morning is, 'i love you, mommy.'

the second thing she says to me is, 'how many minutes do i have to get ready this morning?'

the third thing she says is, 'could you please get my outfit for me?' (because it is perfectly folded, and then stacked neatly on her dresser each night before she goes to bed).

this is the child who organizes her world through excel spreadsheets, power points, immaculate drawers, and themed meals; and don't even get me started on her ipad calendar.

the smallest deviations from planned activities completely rock her world, and after it's rocked, it takes her awhile to regroup and bounce back into the swing of things.

the day she got her planner for third grade (on the first day of school) may have been one of the happiest days of her life (second only to the day she discovered the magical world of highlighters).

there are no words to describe how completely stoked i am for the many endeavors we will embark on together in the world of staples and office depot. highlighters, post its, and other assorted office supplies are our sky, and the sky's the limit!

i have high hopes that some day i will be as organized as she is.

but most of all, i am thankful i finally have a name for what drives my sweet little jay bird forward every day.

putting a face to the name has been superbly helpful to me in this scenario, and now i feel like i have a better idea of what it feels like to walk a mile in jay's shoes...

...although i have no idea where she gets this because on most days, it takes me a few minutes to remember where my shoes are.

we'll learn to roll with this because that's what we do. :)


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