what a friday!

Friday, September 27, 2013

today was a big day for the girls. jay had student council elections in her class, and cee waited all week to see if she would be selected for her school's jump rope team and for a destination imagination team.

i was so proud of jay for having the gumption to try. she is my wall flower, and she is perfectly content to hang out behind the scenes. i was really surprised when she brought home the form to run for her class election, and so proud at the same time.

here was the first draft (there were a total of seven drafts, which is really no surprise for jay) of her sweet little speech:

i knew cee wanted to be on a di team this year, and i was so excited. finally!! i wanted her to want to do this last year, but she has a mind of her own, and i didn't push it. she filled out her application, i signed it, and we waited. on monday afternoon, she tried out for the jump rope team. she absolutely loved it last year, and i was blown away by what the coaches were able to teach the kids.

before i dropped them off at school this morning, i gave them my mom speech. i am so proud of you for trying, and i know that you have both given your very best effort. win or lose, i hope you are proud of yourselves, too!

cliche, i know. don't judge me.

i have written before about how i get so caught up in protecting my girls from getting hurt that i sometimes lose sight of their potential...so as i dropped them off at school, i left my mom speech at that and i decided to just have a little faith in them.

it worked.

they worked.

they worked so hard, and i am so proud of them - jay is her class's student council rep and cee is on jump rope team again and also earned a spot on a di team!! they were so excited!!!

okay - sorry to be the 'in your face proud mom' but i just couldn't help myself.

way to go, little ones!!


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