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Monday, September 16, 2013

oh my gosh.

sometime in late july, i stumbled onto the brilliant idea that i needed two twitter accounts.


i have absolutely no idea.

but when i get ideas like this, it's really useless to convince me otherwise. somewhere along the way, i changed my @figmentsoup handle to @henry_reading, and then i freaked out because it was just too much. to hoot suite or not to hoot suite? that was one of three questions that plagued me during the last few weeks of my summer.

and then i had a moment of clarity and i decided i didn't need the @figmentsoup handle, so i changed my @figmentsoup to @henry_reading (which, henceforward, from that moment, would be my 'professional' twitter account, as you can see here).

at the time, the rationale for all of this was crystal clear to me.

somewhere in the midst of dredging my way through the grueling mud of the two-account-twitterverse, i unfollowed some people who i thought i should follow under a separate handle, and ironically enough, i've forgotten the names of the people i unfollowed and the handle in which i refollowed.

remember when life was simple and the most technical thing we did each week was play a friendly game of burger time on intellivision (if there wasn't anything good on any of our three channels)?

sometimes i miss those days.

regardless, i refound andy borowitz tonight and suddenly i understand why i've been feeling a little mucky and clouded for the last few weeks - immeasurable amounts of humor have been missing from my life!!

now that i have rediscovered a little slice of comic heaven, my world has officially returned to its normal, upright position on its axis. whew!

enjoy the gentle humor of mr. borowitz. i promise it will restore your faith in most of humanity.


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