falling into fall

Saturday, September 21, 2013

there are different types of falling.

there is the type of falling where you decide to completely disregard the specific instructions given to you by your soccer savvy ten year old: okay mommy, don't do this until i finish showing you all the steps all the way through - otherwise you'll get...(awkward pause followed by a frustrated sigh)...and there it is. 

and because you didn't heed her well intended warning, you hypothetically ended up backwards kicking your left leg completely out from underneath you with your right foot, resulting in you laying flat-backed on the cold, hard earth.

hypothetically speaking, of course.

there is also the type of falling where you ignore the fact that your left foot is asleep, and you are fine when you stand up on your right foot, but then your left foot fails you. and then your eight year old rushes to your side and says under her breath: i am so not ready for this, while she helps you back up from your 'i've fallen and i can't get up' position in the middle of the living room floor.

again, completely hypothetical.

but that's not how i think of falling into fall. the way i prefer to fall into fall is more like the feather in forest gump, or like a leaf falling slowly and intentionally from a tree to the ground.

i love fall. in my opinion, it's a clear standout for the very best of all the seasons.

there are fall clothes to wear. sweaters. boots. jackets. love it.

there are fall menus to cook. chili! roast! braised meats! root veggies!

there are fall decorations to pull out of storage and dust off. orange pumpkins and burlap wreaths lead into jack-o-lanterns, witches, and scarecrows.

of course there are fall sports. football! need i say more? high school. college. pro. i'm always cheering for my red raiders, but living in austin for 15 years has made me a secondary longhorn fan by default. this year i'm playing in a last man standing league (i have lofty goals for myself) and a fantasy football league, which i'm particularly proud of. thanks to the ignorance of aaron hernandez, i decided there will be no felons allowed on my team this year. with the help of the nfl arrests database through ut san diego, i've added an additional challenge to my roster, and so far i think my goodie two shoes approach is working.

there are fall playlists to queue. everyone has one, right? here's mine, and i listen to it every day on my drive to and from work:
rayne, lousiana - bruce robison (and charlie) 
metal and steel - bob schneider
landslide - dixie chicks
atlantic city - the other bruce (springsteen)
use somebody - kings of leon
bittersweet - big head todd
gin, smoke, and lies - turnpike troubadours
time spent in los angeles - dawes

what can i say? this list has been soul-soothing to me for the last three years. i'm a creature of habit, but sometimes the rebellious side of me will put it on shuffle. i could also listen to george winston's 'autumn' all day, every day and be perfectly content (i've been lucky enough to see him in concert - twice).

fall is also the time of year when we roll out the red carpet for the holidays (even though hobby lobby is a solid two months ahead of the rest of america and starts celebrating in late june). i love the holidays, so i am perfectly fine with this, but i try to harness the decorating frenzy until october 1 arrives (only ten more days to wait!!).

yesterday was a rainy, awesome mess. last night it rained more, and when i woke up this morning, it was a perfect morning to open all the windows and enjoy fall's arrival while i sipped on a cup of lady gray tea (earl's bestie - where has this been all my life?).

what a stellar start to the day. here's to a great weekend filled with oodles of fall nothingness (and football)!


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