is time really mine?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

over the weekend, i said goodbye to a very dear friend.

goodbyes are never easy for me; i suck at goodbyes.

mama o wrote a eulogy to the too-short life of time.mine.

as i bid my calendar a final farewell, i hoped that it rested in recycled peace alongside my wine bags, receipts, and greek yogurt sleeves. i am certain they'll take good care of it on its journey to become something wonderful and an heb reusable grocery bag, or maybe a package of notebook paper.

i've been in denial, but last week, i was on the very real verge of a meltdown while trying to find a new calendar. some of my amazing co-workers recommended uncalendar to me, but i needed something new asap.

i found something new, and for now, it will work...

...but only for now.

on an unrelated side note, i am just now on the brink of achieving one of my summer goals:

growing tomatoes!!

look at at that awesome yellow blossom!!

hopefully i'll have a tomato soon!!

alright - we are all overly tired. our brains have turned to a mess of mush after four days back at school, and we seriously cannot wait for papa sam to get here for a visit tomorrow!!!


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