is time really mine?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

over the weekend, i said goodbye to a very dear friend.

goodbyes are never easy for me; i suck at goodbyes.

mama o wrote a eulogy to the too-short life of time.mine.

as i bid my calendar a final farewell, i hoped that it rested in recycled peace alongside my wine bags, receipts, and greek yogurt sleeves. i am certain they'll take good care of it on its journey to become something wonderful and an heb reusable grocery bag, or maybe a package of notebook paper.

i've been in denial, but last week, i was on the very real verge of a meltdown while trying to find a new calendar. some of my amazing co-workers recommended uncalendar to me, but i needed something new asap.

i found something new, and for now, it will work...

...but only for now.

on an unrelated side note, i am just now on the brink of achieving one of my summer goals:

growing tomatoes!!

look at at that awesome yellow blossom!!

hopefully i'll have a tomato soon!!

alright - we are all overly tired. our brains have turned to a mess of mush after four days back at school, and we seriously cannot wait for papa sam to get here for a visit tomorrow!!!


the moderate elation of a yard slacker

Thursday, August 22, 2013

the stunning first glimpses of fall have been in the air for the last few mornings, and over the weekend, the girls and i decided to plant a few fall flowers to honor it's impending arrival.

somewhere along the way, we ended up with a c-tree and a j-tree (sort of because we have two trees, but mostly because sharing has become an unfamiliar concept to them at this point in the summer). the flowers they planted really do brighten my day, and it was so sweet to watch them not fight or argue for twenty whole minutes tend to the transplanting process.

but more importantly, we have something big to celebrate. i'm sure you could hardly notice from the focal point of the pictures, but my yard is almost completely dead. finally!! i have been waiting patiently for this to happen since approximately february 24th (that's 179 days, folks).

some people love yard work. i am not one of those people. i am the person who, by this point in the summer, waits for the letter from my hoa as my 'time to mow the yard' gage because that's exactly how much i hate yard maintenance, and also because fire ants love to use my feet and legs for their tactical ambush training while i'm doing yard work. they seek me out, they hunt me down, and then they hurt me. i'm not even kidding you.

so over the weekend when i got my friendly letter from the lovely and endearing people at the hoa, i realized my yard was generally dead. aside from those few pesky weeds who refuse to give in to the drought and have their best performance of the year while everything else withers in the oppressive, menacing heat of august in texas, mowing was pretty close to a breeze.

i hate that a dead yard brings me so much happiness, but during the regular growing season, i always keep my fingers crossed for the entire crop of it to die as soon as possible so i don't have to cringe each time i check my mail.

i will never have the perfectly manicured yard that my two across the street neighbors have, partially by my own choice and partially because i am okay with not excelling in the yard department.

but i can concede that after spending nearly the whole entire day outside working on what's ours, it was nice to see the girls cruise around on their bikes and make each other (and me) laugh.

school started back this week, and with it came a rather unpleasant bout of insomnia. on sunday, monday, and tuesday, i was lucky to reach 3 hours of good sleep each night. last night i did better. as a creature of habit, it has been so nice to get back into my normal routine. i'm sorry i went a couple of days over my 'write at least once a week' goal...hopefully i can get back on track with the soup like i did with my sleep. only time will tell.


the inevitable guilt of murder tail

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

browning's wicked case of murder tail (a.k.a. 'happy' tail') has come back into our lives this summer. i have probably bought/used at least 15 cans of scrubbing bubbles and as many rolls of paper towels in a nearly constant effort to keep my house from looking like a crime scene.

i am so sick of the smell of scrubbing bubbles and what it's doing to my hands, but i love my dog. and my children love my dog. so i will continue cleaning up after his paint brush tail that just happens to have a bio hazardous, self-refilling, never-ending supply of ink.

yesterday i took a moderately brave leap of google faith and tried to find a product specifically made to get blood off of the walls without messing up the paint. if you haven't ever searched this, it is a real issue - i have also contemplated the effect of painting everything in my house below waist level a blood-friendly color, but that seems really gross in more ways than one.

anyway, the point is that the whole time i was google searching yesterday, i was also worrying about the nsa tracking my search terms. nothing can make my anxiety take a little spike more than worrying about my privacy.

today the girls and i went to lunch at chili's. i knew there was a group of police there by the cars in the parking lot. as soon as we walked in, they all turned to stare at us. it wasn't just a casual, small town glance. it was a full on stare. from an entire table of uniformed men. and it felt like it lasted forever.

i'm pretty sure all the blood drained from my face and i immediately thought, 'they know about my search! i'm probably on their to do list for this afternoon!' therefore, i did what any reasonable wrongly accused murder suspect would do: i started giving the girls lots of extra love and attention. because good moms only need to clean up blood for happy reasons - like dog tail accidents.


oh, good! that's what i thought, too.

lunch passed without incident, miranda, questioning, or incarceration, and shortly after, we went to the dreaded land of home depot. there we purchased a gallon of krud kutter, a spray bottle, and a small scrubby brush.

this purchase is a miracle to me. it is the yi jing of a healthy dog blood removal regimen. this afternoon, it has been my trifecta and i am on a mad mission to capture its power and use it for the greater good of the cleanliness of my home.

if you're on the lookout for something similar, trust me. krud kutter is amazing, it's bio-friendly, and there is absolutely no chemical odor. i'm a forever fan (and i'm conviction-free).


wins a contest

Friday, August 9, 2013

after a long (and productive) week of training, i am feeling a little foggy and a little 'over-peopled.'

my plans in the next twenty minutes include taking a hot bath and falling asleep to a great movie whatever happens to be on t.v. for the fifteen minutes i can keep my eyes open.

it's a friday night - i'm well aware. don't judge me. please?

as for browning? he has other plans.

he's either working on a killer essay for the aspca or cracking the code to next week's winning power ball numbers. i'm sure of it.

and that's why i love him.



Sunday, August 4, 2013

between birthdays and christmas last year, both girls were able to purchase mini ipads for themselves.

this summer i realized just how much they talk to siri, and i've decided that siri is quite possibly an intermediary between jenny lawsoneinstein, and god. of course siri doesn't replace any of them, but i am pretty sure it puts us within about two degrees of separation from at least one of those three.

last night i decided to make a tally of how many questions they asked siri. i stopped counting when jay reached her twenty-ninth question. in a row. thankfully, siri  is patient and has a groovy sense of humor. she's like an updated version of magic eight ball from my childhood, but better.

here were my favorites that were thrown siri's way from our household over the course of about fifteen minutes last night:

{ding ding} siri, how was your day?

{ding ding} siri, what are you going to have for breakfast tomorrow morning?

{ding ding} siri, have you ever caught a whole flock of roly polies? ({ding ding} please repeat your question.)

{ding ding} siri, can you teach me to do a french braid?

{ding ding} siri, have you ever had french bread pizzas?

{ding ding} siri, what is the difference between a hamster and a gerbil?

{ding ding} siri, what kind of toys do hamsters like to play with?

{ding ding} siri, can you teach me how to do a fish tail braid?

{ding ding} siri, do you like fish sticks?

at first i thought about answering the ones i knew and then i realized i was just as entertained by siri's replies as i was by the questions they were rapid-fire asking her.

and the next thing i knew, it was 10:30 on a saturday night. they were working together (with the help of siri, jenny lawson, god, einstein, and you tube). i was completely relaxed as they artfully attempted to give me a fish tail braid using cooperative language like 'next' and 'left' and 'right' and 'pull' and 'switch'. and i could have cared less if i ended up with temporary medusa locks at that point because somewhere after crafts and before bedtime, we all managed to carve out twenty seven minutes of happiness and solitude where everyone was focused on something non-screen related and nobody was upset with anyone else.

tomorrow marks the end of my summer. this was the most relaxed summer we've had in four years. i enjoyed all of the downtime we had. i'm completely familiar with the stigma assigned to teachers about having summers off and i'm also familiar with the data showing how much we would make per hour if you broke down all the work we do throughout the year.

according to the calendar, "three months off during the summer" isn't entirely accurate, but i did manage to kick my feet up a little more during the last two months than i have in summers past. i am going to miss spending my days with cee and jay. i'm going to miss these smiles a lot.

i'm going to miss the nearly-non-stop laughter even more.

here's to another great school year for them and for me. see ya next year, summer!

{ding, ding} peace...

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