the saturday of summer

Saturday, July 6, 2013

i have not been feeling very writey inspired to write lately. there. i said it. admitting it is half the battle, right?

i always aim for a post at least once a week, and i've been able to artfully manage that for the last two years. however, anything i would have written in the last week would have been completely forced and unavoidably worthless.

in one short month, my brain has kind of turned to mush and my verbal prowess has been moderately impaired.

thank you for that, june.

i am so glad july is here - it's the saturday of my summer, and it's time to kick the blog fog to the curb and start writing again.

today was a return to normal for us - after lots of running and sunning and gunning for the past couple of weeks, we i decided that after we got home from an early morning soccer game, we were going to vegetate.

on the couch.

in our pj's.

for as long as we possibly could.

spending the whole day at home was a very good thing for all three of us. we decided to abandon our horizontal alignments on the couch around two, and we have had a wonderful day of epic nothing-ness. the girls built amazing forts, we watched way too many episodes of dc cupcakes and toddlers in tiaras (no judgment, por favor), we had an art contest, and we cooked a delicious dinner.

we are now curled up on the couch again (all three of us on 2 of 5 available cushions) watching a movie on netflix, and i am feeling completely refreshed and back to some semblance of myself again...and after a good night's sleep, all three of us will be as good as new.

it's funny how saturdays can do that for us.

glad you're here, july. take your time with us, okay?


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