Sunday, July 21, 2013

sometimes i get so caught up in trying to protect the girls from disappointment/getting hurt that i forget to just believe in them. when they were toddlers, i was constantly protecting them from hidden dangers. when they started school, i worried that they  might do or say the wrong things and be made fun of.

when cee wanted to run for student council, i asked her if she was sure, and i worried about how bummed she would be if she didn't get it. when jay wanted to try out for a solo in her school performance, i worried she wouldn't be picked.

when cee wanted to try out for the jump rope team, i worried she wouldn't make it. when jay wanted to save up for a mini ipad, i worried that she'd set the bar too high for herself. these are just a few of the bigger examples of how they've proved me wrong.

of course, outwardly, i tell them to go for it and do their best and that i believe in them. but on the inside, i worry about them and for them. a lot.

as it turns out, i just need to have a little faith.

cee gave me yet another example of this yesterday.

she and a friend spent a week at baylor soccer camp. that was a long stretch for her to be gone, and she had an amazing time. yesterday i went to watch her last scrimmage and bring her home.

after their scrimmage, there was a camp-wide awards ceremony. i knew how badly she wanted to win an award, but i didn't know how she stacked up against the other girls after watching one scrimmage. well, guess what. cee ended up winning an incredible award: she won the "team heart" award! it was for the player who put their heart into everything they did during the week. from playing hard on the field to helping the coaches, from being responsible with their things to being kind to teammates, they said the "team heart" award was for the player who was a leader on and off of the field.

she got a big 12 soccer champs shirt as a memento of her hard work at camp.

she was absolutely beside herself! it was a great experience for her, and i couldn't be any more proud.

both girls have had successful weeks at their respective baylor camps this summer, and now i just need to figure out how i'm going to save up to put two little bears through college there. :)

most importantly, though, i have learned (again) that i can't live life through the world of what ifs. i just need to have a little faith in their ability to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

i think george michael would be proud of me.


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