Friday, July 19, 2013

dear mr. snowcone man -

let's go over a couple of basics. most people are picky about food preparation, and although they don't actually fall into a recognized food group, i still think food preparation is the correct term when one is making snowcones. therefore, when droplets of sweat visibly plopped from your face onto the counter as you took my order, it almost made me not want to eat my snowcone.

also, if you could please avoid calling your customers sweetheart and honey, that would probably be helpful. and the winking? just weird. this combination almost made me not want to eat my snowcone.

and finally, if you could kindly start carrying red raspberry syrup instead of just blue, that would be wonderful. when i realized my snowcone was blue and not red, it almost made me not want to eat it.

however, the final product was so good that i just couldn't stop myself. i devoured the whole thing.

and then i went to target where i ran into people i know, and they asked me if i'd just eaten a blue snowcone.

see? this doesn't happen with red snowcones.

that's why red raspberry > blue raspberry.

alright, then...just a few tips. and even if you don't take my advice, there's a good chance i'll see you next week anyways.


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