a pretty perfect day

Saturday, July 27, 2013

today has been one of those days that i could very nearly call perfect. it's definitely not everyone's idea of perfect, but today got me back to a good place.

there are still plenty of things on my to-do list that i need to attack, but i spent the bulk of my day curled up on my couch. reading. i'm a wild and crazy rebel every now and then. i haven't devoted an entire day to this in a really long time - i honestly can't remember when the last time was that i just gave myself a day to read. for fun. it was the perfect way to recharge myself.

the girls have been away with some of their favorite friends for approximately 48 hours of church camp bliss. do you remember how fun bunk beds were at summer camp? please tell me you do. it's one of those rites of passage of childhood, i think.

i tried to explain to them what their "room" would look like, and clearly they were pleased with what they found. hopefully there were some flashlights under the covers and nearly-stifled giggles because that's all part of the experience.

this was crazy hair night, and the expression on jay's face melts my heart...she's my little rule follower.

i completely love the hand holding going on right here.

they will be home in approximately 81 minutes, and i can't wait to squeeze their necks, hear all of their stories, and have them back home.

this also means i have approximately 81 minutes left in my fabulous day dedicated to reading, so i'm going to see how much more i can devour between now and then. let the countdown begin!

oh - and my 20 year high school reunion is happening right now (20 years. i know.). i really can't wait to see the pictures start coming in later tonight all the way from my home town - should be lots of fun to watch, and i hope they have tons of fun!


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