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Saturday, June 22, 2013

i’m half way through the gardner heist. when i stumbled across a mention of picasso’s le reve early on in the book, i knew i was going to love this book for more reasons than the fact that the frames are still hanging. 

as soon as i read the part that's bracketed, i was reminded of a piece that nora ephron wrote about this incident. it was right around the time i read her book i feel bad about my neck

the first time i read this piece by nora ephron, i was actually in vegas...and i love vegas with my whole entire heart. 

the first time i read this piece was when nora ephron was still alive (moment of silence – she was is one of my dream-dinner guests). 

and now i’m feeling compelled to spend the day watching nora ephron movies, and i'm craving a killer breakfast buffet and creamed corn. not the three forks kind (although that ranks in the top 5), but the kind with truffles. 

wanna know more about what steve wynn, nora ephron, and le reve have in common? here's your link to the piece.  


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