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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

i won a highly esteemed award yesterday. before i show it to you, let me clarify that this is one of those ‘you say tomato, i say tomatto’ scenarios. and sweet little jay was so proud when she brought it to me (and i love her for it). 

a few things you should know before you completely and eternally judge me:

1) she says ‘keeping cloths on for the hole day’, while i prefer to say ‘wearing clothes that would allow me to greet guests at the front door (or shamelessly flee for our lives if necessary).’ tomato/tomatto.

2) i picked them up from a sunday night sleepover at 11:20 am yesterday. i was awarded this certificate at 9 pm. this means in her mind, i was dressed appropriately for almost ten consecutive hours.

3) it’s a good thing they were gone last week or else i'd probably be further behind in her terms of general civilized behavior.

we are in the midst of a week of soccer camp for cee. 5:30-8:30 each night this week. a little bit grueling, given the heat. at about five, i was rounding the girls up, filling water bottles, slathering sunscreen, spraying bug spray, and getting them ready to head out to the fields. 

and then this happened...

me: jay, aren’t you proud of me for  keeping my clothes on for two whole days in a row?

jay: mom, if you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with?

me: seriously? i absolutely achieved your goal for me today.

jay: it’s really okay, mom. we can try again tomorrow.

(collective sigh for all of humanity)

i shared our (my?) summer to do list with the girls. they added a few things to it. in addition to my list of ten things, they have added:

-get a garden
-clean browning every three weeks
-fill up money jar and count money in money jar every day until it’s full
-make a lemonade stand for charity
-pimp out playroom and backyard

gosh i love these little ladies to pieces. they keep me laughing throughout the better part of every single day. 

 alright - it's time to watch the spurs. 


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