Thursday, June 27, 2013

today, cee and i went to pick jay up from a week of basketball camp at baylor. she had a great time, learned some cool ball-handling skills, and met lots of the players and coaches.

she still has some growing to do, but it was a great experience for her! and now she wants to go to baylor, which wasn't something i'd factored into my retirement plan, so guess who's going to be playing the lottery each week... :)

even though neither of them will admit it, i think it's pretty safe to say they missed each other.

jay couldn't wait to get home and see her brown dog, and instead we found this little brown guy chilled out on our back porch. for the few minutes he stayed still, we named him willie. sorry for the fuzzy resolution - it's part of the willie way.

once he realized we were watching, he went on ninja squirrel alert, and then dashed off into a tree (as squirrels do).

after willie was safely tucked away in a tree, i went out to check on my tomato plants. i am ridiculously excited about their progress!! to be more specific, i am completely stoked about the real leaves that are growing on my yellow pears!

i'm trying to overlook the fact that i've already had to stake my san marzano's to toothpicks - i'm thinking of them as my forest gumps...they just need a little help getting their sea legs. and the very bottom one, near the left (ish)? that's a brave, lone beefsteak. i keep whispering to them, 'grow. grow. you can do it. grow.'

i think it's working.

in the next picture, you see: four san marzanos on the left (staked/struggling), 3 yellow pears in the middle (thriving and still mourning the loss of one of their brethren), one brave beefsteak on the right (totally winning).

and just in case you're concerned that they aren't been tended to carefully on a daily basis, let me reassure you: browning is keeping a constant vigil over their well being. things are bound to flourish.

so, you know - collectively, we've got this covered.

grow, grow, grow!


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