feeling antsy

Thursday, June 6, 2013

the other night, we grilled burgers. really, really good burgers.

when i lit the grill, i noticed a few wayward ants crawling leisurely on the handle and i figured they'd find someplace else to play as the grill started warming up.

when i went back to the grill a few minutes later, there was only one ant left.

it was frantically running in circles around the dial.

its 'help me' pheromones were undoubtedly masked by the heavy scent of propane, and all i could imagine was the ant yelling 'abort, abort!' to his friends...all ethan hunt style.

i don't know what the ant's fate was, but i know we had some amazing burgers.

i've kinda felt like the ant for the last few days - frantically running in circles, trying to get everything done for the end of the school year.

yesterday was my last day with students. today i learned new stuff for next year. tomorrow i will finish cleaning my class room, and then i will be ready to enjoy a much-needed brain break.

the girls are so excited for summer fun, and i am looking forward to relaxing with them. this will be the first summer in two years that i won't have grad school to juggle! but right now, all i need is a long, long nap...

oh, and if you love grilled burgers, you have to try this recipe. you can't go wrong with ina garten.


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