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Saturday, May 25, 2013

today i had lots of reality checks, except i'm not sure 'reality checks' is the correct way to say it.

i think my dad would refer to them as moments of clarity.

regardless, all of these moments of realizing reality or check-ins with clarity revolved roughly around this exact scenario, and at some point in the five or so minutes that said scenario occurred, i thought to myself, 'you need to take a picture of this because it's going to matter.'

so here were are, or there we were. the aftermath of a rainy day - it was time for the girls to get outside and play in the sun (after playing in the rain), and it was time for me to plop in the chair with my glass of goodness and watch over them. and what would a party be without browning in tow?

while i sat, watching them playing & timing them on bike rides/runs/scooter scoots around the block, several things solidified for me, and by several, i very specifically mean three.

1) the nouns (people, places, things) i've always thought are bad for me actually are, and i need to make sure there isn't room for them in my life.

2) the nouns (people, places, things) i've always thought are good for me actually are, and i need to make plenty of room for them in my life. 

3) the offspring will always be my number one straight shooters, and i need to make sure they are 100% aware of how much i appreciate their honesty. 

while we were huddled halfway in our driveway, halfway in our garage, talking about this and that (some of it important, some of it not), something amazing happened before i even realized it. 

mid-conversation, my children started picking away at my hair - without missing a beat in our conversation. 

what are you doing, i interrupted.

well, have some gray hairs, cee said.

not some, but more like a lot. and they aren't gray, they're white, jay explained.

get them. get them all, hitler ordered.

and that's when i snapped the picture that i knew would matter, and bless those sweet girls for picking our conversation back up exactly where we left off without missing a single beat.

a few minutes and a few plucks later, things were done, and life resumed to normal. 

and to me, that's the great thing about reality and clarity: it hits you when you very least expect it to. but when it decides it's your time, you may as well pay attention.

in the end, you just have to appreciate life's timing because it's almost always pretty perfect, and it's almost always out of your control.  

and that's my lesson for you for today...hope it's relevant. :)


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