oh deer

Thursday, May 2, 2013

monday after school, jay mentioned something to me that i completely disregarded because it made no sense to me.

'mommy, i saw where the deer got a shot.'

tuesday morning before school, jay mentioned something to me about band aids.

'mommy, you might want to stock up on band aids next time you go to the store.'

yesterday when i got home from work, i had a moment of clarity.

this is our dead pet deer. he is nameless, and he is kind of like our own personal version of 'where's waldo.' usually he hangs out in the front room of our house and guards our donation items, monitors our internet usage, always startles me when i walk in that room.

but sometimes, he goes free-range and i find him in different places in our house. not your traditional toy, but still loads of unexpected fun.

when i first received nameless deer as a gift, i thought i might hang him somewhere. obviously i still haven't found a just-right-place for him, but i hate to get rid of him because i have big plans for him during the month of december. maybe i'll spray paint him an off-white color. or silver...like a new orleans street performer.

either way, i'm pretty sure this indirectly puts me well within the range of six degrees of separation from the amazing jenny lawson.

happy friday eve, everyone.


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