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Sunday, May 19, 2013

at the onset of the tail-end of a fabulous weekend, i have just realized that my girls have both contracted a strange and unusual form of o.c.d.

if you haven't seen pitch perfect, you should at least half way mildly consider it. maybe...if that's your thing (and if not, then i totally get it - not for the faint of heart).

if you have seen pitch perfect, then you'll get what i'm talking about right now: my girls are obsessed with the cup song.

this isn't new - they've been doing 'cups' since february.

but this weekend, i realized that they have something bordering on a disorder. they cannot go for more than five minutes without spontaneously busting into their own rendition of the cup clapping fiasco. sometimes it's on their lap, other times it's on any available flat surface. there's always an imaginary cup, and there is never any singing.

my knee-jerk reaction is to tell them to stop because i can only imagine what it's like to have them in class with this current ailment. it's nearly epidemic - we've got to act fast.

these are the things you realize about your children when you have the luxury of spending an entire weekend with them for the first time since april 5th. that is seriously how long it's been since we've all three been home, together, with no obligations, and let me tell you - this weekend has been lazy and it has been glorious!

i have really missed my time with them between soccer, girls weekends, conferences, tournaments, and sleepovers, and it was so good for us to just be. at home. with no distractions (other than random bursts of clapping and slapping).

we played yoga-ball soccer to celebrate cee making it into the select fusion league for next year.

we swam (well, two-thirds of us swam and the other third of us tried to rectify the farmer tan acquired at last weekend's soccer tournament).

we stumbled across taylor swift's trucks (rumor has it: her tour has 26 semis and 18 prevosts - that's a lot!), which is the next best thing to having $400 worth of tickets to her show this week.

we slept in, we made bows, we watched movies. we cooked, we cleaned, we did laundry. we grilled, we baked, we napped. a weekend like this is exactly what i needed to get ready for the last stretch of the school year, and i have to say that the same is probably true for my little ladies, too.

i'm not normally the countdown type, but 11.5 is the magic number right now.


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