it's time to hibernate (just for a couple of days)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

whew, what a week it's been for me!!

i am not big on tooting my own horn, but the last seven days were some that i really needed to get through, acknowledge, and process. i have these types of weeks about two times every year, but the last week was one of the best i can remember.

last tuesday, i went to an amazing luncheon. delicious food, wonderful company, and a few surprises to boot.  now that i've had a week to process things, i'm feeling incredibly honored and not entirely worthy.

last friday, some of my students had a major hurdle to leap. i've had the honor of piloting a program for the sixth grade gifted and talented kids at my school this year, and friday was their day to shine and show off all the hard work they've done this year - all twenty-two of them. i wish i could tell you about every single one of them because they are incredible and brilliant and brave and determined, and they each have a cool story to be told...but i value their privacy, and i love my job, so i won't divulge too much. they definitely rose to the occasion that their presentations required, and they made me exceedingly proud.

on saturday, we packed up all of our soccer stuff onto a tour bus and headed north for our end of season tournament. we may have set an unrealistic precedent for future tournament play by carefully delivering cee, jay, and friends from point a to point b in a tour bus, but we are all okay with that for the time being.

this group of ladies put on an impressive performance and earned 2nd place!

and these little ladies were some incredible cheerleaders for their older sisters. we won't talk about the fate of my favorite gray sweater on an unseasonably cool mid-may morning, but it was all worth it!

all in all, this soccer season has involved some personal growing pains for me. we moved up a level. there were more practices, there were more demands, and to be honest, there was more gratification than we've ever experienced in a team.

if you asked me in february how i felt about the move, i wouldn't have had an entirely favorable answer for you; but now that the season is over (and i officially fulfilled my final commitment of the season at 7:32 pm last night), i will tell you that i am so glad we decided to move to a tougher league. an amazing coach/manager/trainer/parents, incredible kids, and a solid team have a way of changing one's perspective on sports.

sunday was a wonderful mother's day, and i was so happy to be back home gearing down with my little love bugs (who were both asleep before 8:15 that night). these flowers, the vase, and the other gifts were the icing on the cake to an off-the-charts-fabulous week.

when i got home today, i had another surprise to enjoy...wood planks have never looked as beautiful to me as they did today, and i will argue until the end that this is quite simply the most breathtaking fence in the entire universe.


please, please don't argue with me on this - i'm really tired, i'm extremely over-socialized, and i will win. :)

and now, in true introvert style, i want nothing more than to crawl into my bed and hibernate for a minimum of ten solid hours. tomorrow, i will go back to school, and i will administer a standardized test to some very capable and very nervous children.

before they start, i will tell them how much i believe in them, and i will tell them that i know they can do it (because i do, and because they can).

and then i will come back home and crawl back into my welcoming bed for ten more hours of solitary hibernation.

after that, i will most likely be ready to face the world again.

until then - peace...

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