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Sunday, April 14, 2013

18 years ago, i met some of the most amazing friends anybody could ask for.

15 years ago, our time together in college came to an end and we decided that if we were going to make our friendship stand the test of time, we would have to make a very concentrated effort to reconnect as often as we could.

at first, it was easy. people got married. more people got married.

and then the marriages brought babies. the babies were (and are still) amazing, but the babies definitely made us have to work harder on staying connected.

over the weekend, we got together for our 15th year!

i love these ladies, and i feel pretty lucky that they're still a part of my life.

we had a wonderful time sharing stories, being goofy, and laughing until things hurt. and now it's time to get back to the families and lives we have each created...and start the planning for our next rendezvous!

back to work tomorrow. until next time, peace...

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