a lower case d

Sunday, April 28, 2013

my saturday looked like a lower case d.

at first i thought it was going to look like a tilted, inverted big dipper, but i was wrong. it was clearly a lower case d. 

yesterday we left our house at 10:20 am so we could go to the backyard's spring fest for cee's last jump rope performance of the year. the kids did an amazing job, and i think they really liked being on the big stage. 

after jumping and sno-cones, we headed north-east-ish for a soccer game in temple. 

and then we drove another hour north so the girls could have a sleepover with their grandparents. 

when i pulled into my garage at 8 last night, i realized what a long day it had been, and i hadn't crossed anything off of my to-do list. 

this morning i woke up, determined to conquer the world. 

being gone for two straight weekends is not good for my home-body nature, and i had so many things to catch up on today - mail, cleaning, more mail, yard work, more cleaning, laundry, restocking my house with food, planting things (which i love)...

i had a super productive day and i had everything on my list taken care of by the time cee's second soccer game rolled around late this afternoon. 

i love the parents on her team. they're thoughtful and funny, and i'm a little bummed that we only have two weekends left in our season. i had a hard time adjusting to this new league, but the parents have made it much easier, and i hope we all end up on the same team next year. 

my only qualm about all of the going, going, going for cee's events is that i feel like it ends up being incredibly unfair for jay. she really wanted to participate in a spelling bee yesterday, and that would have meant that i needed two clones of myself in order for her to be where she needed to be while cee needed to be in two places at the exact same time. 

luckily, things fell into place for jay - she's the rock star of her class this week, so when we got home from soccer this evening, it was her time to shine. here's the sweet little poster she's working on to take to school tomorrow, and she's so excited to show it off this week. 

somewhere in the middle of all of this, we found time to make cupcakes for the 2nd grade sweet shop, cook some yummy steaks, and i even managed to squeeze in a moment for myself on the back porch while the girls showered and got ready for bed. 

i'm glad we made it through the last two days and checked everything off of our list that needed to be done. i still feel like i need one more day at home to make for a complete weekend, but that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes. 

and for these sweet little ladies, it's all worth it!

(and for the record, that's a pinot grigio tree they're growing for me in this picture!!)

alright - it's time for a bath and a date with my bed.


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