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Saturday, April 6, 2013

hey browning...

i've been meaning to tell you something.

i will love you forever. no take backs.

last night, the girls and i went out for dinner and a movie. when we got home, i asked them to let browning out of his room. i heard them undo the baby gate and then they went along their way getting ready for bed. i opened the back door to put him outside, but he wasn't hustling my way like he usually does. i called for him a couple of more times, and then i realized something was wrong (spoiler alert: this has a happy ending).

i went to go check on him and he couldn't stand up. like physically couldn't. i helped him get to his feet and i watched him weave, stumble, and wobble as he tried to make his way to the back door. he couldn't make it, and he fell down right in the middle of the living room. he was starting to get panicky, the girls came running in, and after about five minutes, we got him calmed down.

once we got him settled, i noticed his eyes were going a little bit crazy. they were bouncing from side to side, and that was also completely out of his control. all i could think of (because i do an incredible job of being an optimist a worrier) was that we were watching him die and i knew the girls were going to freak out if that happened.

thankfully, a vet friend was willing to pay us a late night house visit, and as it turns out, browning was having a stroke right in front of our eyes. i didn't even know it was an available condition for dogs to have. the good news is that the type of stroke he experienced was very benign and is the human equivalent to really bad vertigo with some bizarre eye twitching mixed in for good measure. it's called old dog stroke, or vestibular disease.

regardless, it was pretty unnerving, and jay cried herself to sleep for maybe the first time in her whole entire life. she was so worried about him, and it made us all realize how we need to appreciate each day we have with him.

the pictures i caught of jay and browning this morning pretty much sum up how they get along. they're big buddies, and they're attached at the hip most of the time. she tells him all her best secrets, and he does a good job of keeping them for her. he gives her kisses, she teaches him new tricks. it's pretty entertaining to watch.

browning is doing much better this morning (and so are his human counterparts). he's still a little weavy when he walks, but he doesn't look drunk anymore, his eyes are under control now, and it seems like he'll be back to normal by the end of this weekend. his orders are to get plenty of r&r, and we'll do our part to keep him feeling like a king.

and now, we're off to get our day started...hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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