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Sunday, March 24, 2013

this weekend, we went on a little vacation. or was it a staycation? honestly, i'm still not entirely clear on the difference, and the lines seem kind of blurry.

but i did realize something today.

browning has absolutely no concept of time. 


whether we go on a far-away-vacation or a close-to-home-get-away, browning goes to camp. he loves camp, and they love him.

when i dropped him off on friday, he was greeted by his human friends there (they go way back). 

just as always, he quickly made his way to the doggie deli.

he usually wants a cow ear to munch on, but i tend to make him choose a knuckle instead simply because i know he'll be done with the ear before sunset on the first day. i'm not sure exactly what part of the cow the knuckle is, but browning loves the knuckle. 

after carefully selecting his "i'm sorry we aren't taking you with us" consolation prize, the sweet girl waits patiently as i tell him goodbye, promise to see him soon, and give him one last hug. 

he looks wistful as she leads him back into the kennels with the knuckle gripped solidly in his jaw, and i think he does a good job of feigning that he'll miss me just to make me feel guilty (it works), but his wagging tail gives him away every single time. 

i leave. 

and then in whatever number of days it is that we're gone, i return for him. 

i pay, and i remind them that i would like to bring home whatever is left of his knuckle. 

a few minutes later, he comes back out of the same door looking as happy as a lark (usually with some sort of seasonally on-trend fabric scarf tied around his neck - today's was turquoise with pastel easter eggs all over it) with the same knuckle, visibly smaller, tucked in his jaw. 

he humors me by dropping it just long enough to shower me with kisses and sniffs and more excessive wagging of the tail (and in all fairness, he does an outstanding job of making me feel like he genuinely missed me). 

and once we've said our hello-agains, we head outside. i lift him into the car (which is no longer an embarrassing process for either one of us - it's just part of what we do now), and we head home. 

what i noticed once we were home tonight is that as long as he has that bone in his mouth, he is oblivious to everything else going on around him. 


usually he is very curious about what's going on around the house, but not tonight. 

i cooked dinner...he chewed the bone. 

i served dinner...he chewed the bone.

the girls went outside to play...he chewed the bone. 

i did various things around the house...he chewed the bone. 

and that's why i have decided he has no concept of time as long as he has that knuckle with him. 

i'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but for some reason, it makes me feel a little bit better knowing that while he's at camp, he is 100% devoted to one (and only one) task: devouring an unknown part of a cow (instead of pining away over when i'll be back for him). 

i know some dogs get anxiety and have to take sedatives while they're at the kennel, but not my dog. 

he has laser-like focus. 

i feel like if i would have realized this sooner, i could have channeled his energy for the greater good of all mankind. oh well - i'm just glad he's back with us tonight. i'll sleep a little better knowing that he's on guard. 

kind of a random, disjointed post, but i think i'm allowed to do that from time to time...right? if you made it this far, thanks for hanging in there. i promise there will be better things to come later this week. in the meantime...


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