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Monday, March 11, 2013

it's that time of year again - the festivities of south by southwest are back! last week was the education portion, today is the end of the interactive and film frenzy, and tomorrow is the beginning of the musical madness.

yesterday we met up with some friends for sunday funday (the downtown-with-kids version) and we all had a ball! there were hula hoops...

there was giant jenga...

and there was plenty of ping ponging.

the girls and i also got a v.i.p. escort to meet grumpy cat (who had the prettiest sleeping face and managed not to maul anyone for the entire time we were there)!

i also spent some time yesterday peeling through the lists of bands so i could figure out exactly which ones i want to see. i do this every year, and then, despite my best intentions, i end up just going where ever the wind carries me. oddly enough, the bands i chose this year (based solely on name appeal) also happen to be bands i'd really like to see, if only they didn't take the stage well after my bed time.

so in addition to the obvious bands i want to see (jay-z, beyonce, and timberlake; paul mccartney with david grohl; and our good friend milo on thursday), here are my top ten picks for this year (roughly in order):

1. roadkill ghost choir
2. oh no oh my
3. gnarly charlies
4. the harpoonist and the axe murderer
5. foxygen
6. the reverend payton's big damn band
7. he's my brother she's my sister (they were my lone pick last year)
8. the wilderness of manitoba
9. shark week
10. middle class rut

today is the first day of spring break, and the girls and i are ready to make this a wonderful week. i hope you'll do the same!!


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