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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

i fully realize that one of the perks of me being a single mom is that i have at least one night each week where i can do whatever i want.


tonight is one of those nights, and i am 100% embracing my inner-geek.

several of my friends are at south by southwest (the educational version), and they are tweeting out fabulous things that have caused me to search for educational tweeters (twitterers?) to follow, and i don't think i would be true to myself if i didn't share some of my most recent (and favorite) findings with you.


a few good
reform in 

trust me, i'm not saying schools are a thing of the past; but what if we consider the possibility that schools as they are today could be a lot better with a little fine tuning? we already have great teachers and great leaders in place. if we could just adopt some of these new ideas, tweak a few things here and there...imagine what that would do for children's learning.

just for fun, here's one more video for you...this is freeman hrabowski. he's a strong proponent of girl power; and more specifically, he's a strong proponent of girl power when it comes to science, technology, engineering, and math. coming from a small town nearly-panhandle girl who wanted nothing more than to be a bio-medical engineer (until her first chemistry class in college), this video and his plea speak volumes...

peruse these as you see fit - tackle them in any order. there's no method to the madness.

but when you're done, i'd be  curious to know your thoughts - genuinely curious. where is the happy median? where's the common ground? where should we start?

because i know we aren't too far gone.


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