the british invasion and a misconnection

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

i am not into resolutions, but i am all about practical & logical decisions - especially when they make a whole lot of sense.

therefore, early in january, i opted out of my high speed internet in exchange for a wifi hotspot.

for the first 27 days, this worked out beautifully for me. it was a seamless change. it was an easy adjustment. and bonus: it would put nearly $70 back in my pocket each month.

everybody wins!

in the meantime, i have fallen in love with a new tv series. if you haven't hopped on the downton abbey bandwagon and you have even a smidge of anglophile in you, then you have to take a peek at this wonderful creation.

i'm completely hooked (which will be important information very, very soon). i watched season one on netflix in an impressively short amount of time, and then i switched to hulu to devour season two.

and then, half way through episode four of season two, something horrible happened.

my hotspot started acting up (the audicity!).

by the end of episode four (which should have taken me less than an hour to watch but was inching its way towards the two hour mark), i started to twitch a little bit.

by the time i was ready to start episode five, my hotspot and i were both getting dangerously close to defcon 4.

i needed to know exactly what evil deed thomas was going to do next. i needed to know what was going to happen with anna and bates.

but i couldn't know because my hotspot was on life support.

i thought to myself, 'what would lady violet do in this situation?'

that didn't really help because lady violet wasn't even sure what to do with a swivel chair, better yet a wifi device.

last night, i tried again to holistically cure my hotspot of its horrid no avail.

so at that point, i did what any sensible woman would do: i tried my hardest not to cry.

'afterall,' i told myself, 'it's just a tv show. this is not a life or death situation. get a grip.'

and then i proceeded to have a minor melt down.

and when i woke up this morning, i checked my horoscope. i practically never believe what my horoscope says is going to happen...the daily horoscope check is more of a habitual thing for me...i check in with the universe and usually i get a good laugh.

but today was different.

obstacles may arise in the course of your chores when machines break down and interfere with your efficiency. your frustrations may cause you to want to yell and throw things. if you must blow your top, scorpio, do it in such a way as to avoid causing upset to others. go for a workout or jog. the machines will be fixed and the situation will pass. hang in there.

for the first time in a long time, i actually put a little faith into my's like my horoscope was spying on me with a hidden camera!!

maybe it's just telling me what i want to hear, and maybe i'm just interpreting it exactly how i want it to read, but either way, i found a little bit of comfort in my daily prophecy.

now, if you'll just keep your fingers crossed that my hotspot finds its second wind just as the stars have promised, i would really appreciate it.

violet would want it this way, i'm sure of it.


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