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Sunday, February 10, 2013

the girls bought themselves alarm clocks with some of their christmas money.

at first i was a little sad about their purchase because i love waking them up each morning. i love those first sweet moments of a new day with them. i love their yawns and first questions of the day, and i was pretty sure the alarm clocks were going to be the end of our sweet morning greetings.

i was wrong.

if it's possible, our mornings have gotten even better.

i walk into their hallway at 6:14 am. at 6:15 am, jay's alarm goes off, and five seconds later, cee's alarm follows suit. there are only a couple of seconds of the overlapping, beeping cacophony, but it always makes me smile.

i walk into jay's room as she's turning off her alarm - she crawls into my arms.

we walk into cee's room together, and cee makes room for us in her bed.

for the next few minutes, we lay there together and talk in the dark.

there is so much peace in the room. nobody's fussing; nobody's arguing. everybody is in a state of a nearly perfect bliss, and it's a thing of beauty.

when cee's clock changes from 6:22 to 6:23, we all get up and start making our way to our respective rooms to get ready to conquer the day ahead of us.

seven minutes doesn't seem like enough, but those are seven minutes that i will continue to cherish for as long as i'm allowed to be a part of it.

of course there are other times in the day when i stumble across their perfect sister moments...

...but none of those seem to be as sure as our mornings.

i can't imagine a better start to each and every makes waking up something to look forward to!


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