lent and honesty

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

i have, for the first year ever, kept a mental tab of things people i know have given up for lent.

i suck at lent and i suck at new year's resolutions, and the truth is that this year i have elected to spare myself from the associated sense of failure and humiliation for both of these endeavors (pat on the back followed by a slow clap); however, it occurred to me today that people really do sacrifice a lot of serious stuff for lent. like eating out... white bread... booze... wine... soda... chocolate... naps... processed foods... sweets... things that would wreak havoc on my life if i opted to forego them for an extended period of time (as required with the laws of lent, penance, and resolutions). 

so i have a new theory, but before i share it with you, i really need to know if the crime rate increases during the lent season...let me know if you have any hard data on this, and then i'll get back to you on my theory. 

yesterday a friend of mine posted a link to my facebook wall...the link was to a blog post that has, apparently, gone viral in its efforts to encourage people to just be real with their facebook posts. 

no more fake-booking.

i loved it. it was hilarious, and honest, and fabulous, and a sad reflection on how we choose to portray ourselves in an effort to seek approval and admiration from others when we are, in reality, creating false and unrealistic expectations for what it looks like to be a parent. 

and then my yahoo got spammed with coupons for poise pads. 

oh, the irony.

and in a fantastic illustration of what it looks like when life comes full circle, i found the same link shared on another friend's facebook wall with a myriad of mamma confessions that included the following from her friends. i thought the honesty was a pretty amazing thing:

--the truth: we are both in our undies eating dinner with plastic forks because i have not washed the dishes in a few days.
--the truth: i didn't even put on a bra today.
--the truth: the slacks i wore to work today haven't seen the washer in a week...maybe two.
--the truth: i just chugged a beer.
--the truth: i just ate two bowls of chili with half a block of cheese on top immediately followed by a cookie, all while my kid and the cat played in the bathroom with the door shut.
--the truth: i opened a bottle of wine at two.
--the truth: i have gas that could make a truck driver cry.

brutal honesty, mostly beautiful truths. 

life isn't perfect and neither are we. 

and in the spirit of being real, here are my truths for the day:
--truth: i'm more than a little bit upset that one of my college friends has recently been diagnosed with cancer, and i can't believe she's starting her second dose of chemo tomorrow. 
--truth: i'm confident that if everybody could get a tiny little taste of her confidence and faith in fighting this battle, the world would be a much better place.
--truth: i'm a little bit floored that the ten year old son of one of my college friends has just been diagnosed with leukemia - because that just seems so incredibly unfair.
--truth: i checked both of my daughters' necks for lumps before they went to bed monday night because i felt like it was the right thing to do since that's how it started for my friend's son.
--truth: i am feeling ridiculously overwhelmed by work right now.
--truth: spring break is only seven school days away...and i can't wait. 
--truth: i opened a bottle of wine before 5:30 today.
--truth: i'm sorry i have gone an entire week without writing...i've been battling a wicked case of writer's block and a subtle sense of impending doom.. 
--truth: i would do anything for these two little love bugs. 

if you want to read the blog post that has inspired thousands of people to be more honest with what they share, i encourage you to do two things:

1) find yourself a poise pad or a kleenex, depending on how you roll in situations like this. if this is new territory for you, it probably won't hurt to have both handy.
2) click here to read some blogosphere greatness. 

i hope you get a chuckle, a moment of reflection, and a chance to pause and appreciate all the great things you already do. 

no need to sugarcoat our lives...'real' rocks. 


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