eight is great

Sunday, February 3, 2013

yesterday was jay's eighth birthday, and i promise i'm not going to take you down that path of 'eight years ago...'

i'm so proud of how graceful, thoughtful, and entertaining this little lady has turned out to be.

thursday night when we were making cupcakes for her class, she said to me (very seriously), 'mom, you reeeaaally need to make sure you fill those up the exact same - my class is kind of weird about equality issues.'

she's growing up too fast.

i asked her if she knew what equality issues meant.

she said, 'well one example is that martin luther king jr. fought his whole life because of equality issues, and another example is that girls used to not have as many rights as boys until susan b. anthony fought for equality issues.'

touché, little one. touché.

in true jay form, she also fought a fever for most of the day yesterday. but you'd have never guessed it. she had a ball playing with her friends and having her moment as the shining star of the day.

i love this sweet girl so much. she rocks.

more soon.


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