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Friday, February 15, 2013

cee was the 'rock star' of her class this week.

in the past, this has meant that we make a poster, we color it, we put cute pictures on it, and it goes with her to school on friday to share with 20 other kids in her class.

this year, the ante was significantly larger. in addition to the standard coloring requirements, a letter - from me (and her dad), to her - was part of the deal.

in case i haven't mentioned it to you (you're welcome), cee sees her teacher this year as a proverbial tough cookie, and she reminded me of this several times this week by encouraging me to 'write better than anything you've ever written....she likes that kind of stuff.'

as i looked through the 'you rock journal' and read what other parents had written about their own children, i realized that this was a pretty big thing for little cee, and getting to pen this letter for her was a pretty cool writing assignment for me.

here's how her rock star letter ended up (after a handful of revisions):

dear cee-

from the moment we laid eyes on you, the depths of your eyes had our attention. you've grown into an amazing young lady who still holds our attention with your incredible sense of humor, your beaming smile, and your old-soul wisdom. your laugh is absolutely contagious, and you can turn anybody's frown upside down with it. you are a wonderful sister, a thoughtful friend, a caring daughter, and we are blessed beyond words to be your family.

some of our favorite memories definitely include our trip to taos, spring break in cancun, and taking you from austin to steamboat to maui before you knew how to walk. we cheered for your first kick on the soccer field when you were five just as loudly as we cheer for you now, and we will always be your biggest fans both on and off of the field.

we look forward to the many adventures we know you'll take in your lifetime. you have big plans for yourself, and we can't wait to see you continue climbing your way to the top. your determination will take you any place you'd like - we're sure of it! we're looking forward to seeing how your life story unfolds; it's bound to be a best seller.

mom, dad, and jay

the writing assignment, for me, was such a personal thing to compose...and to then let go into someone else's home, life, situation, influence, judgment.

the writing assignment, for her, was such a personal thing to admire and read aloud to her classmates...free of judgment and full of open-minded children who have so much ahead of them in their own lives.

as we carefully selected the pictures she would share with her class on the 4X6 page left in the notebook, she assured me that i exceeded her expectations in my letter...i told her how easy it is to write about her because she's such an amazing kid.

it's truly a beautiful thing to watch your daughter blossom into an independent being of her very own choosing.

but i will say that her life seems to be going by way too fast...and i feel like i have to be careful because if i blink, i might miss some of the best parts.

cheers to my little rock stars (yes, i got lucky enough to have two of them!)...


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