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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

now that we're past that obligatory-january-first-suicidal-bird-who-flew-into-the-back-door post (poor, unfortunate soul), i can wish you a proper and legitimate happy new year!

so, resolutions.

they aren't really my thing.

i used to solemnly make them on december 31 of each year only to feel incredibly irritated with myself by january 15 for already having missed the mark. that's why i created the life list last year, and i'm sure there are plenty of things on there i can continue to pursue in lieu of annual resolutions.

instead of resolutions, i have decided on two books to guide me through this year. i'm not resolving to read them, but i am looking forward to perusing them at a jovial pace. and i really liked the idea of pushing myself to read one book a month last year, and i'm hoping to update my a-book-a-month page soon and keep that page going this year as well...

the first book i plan to let guide me this year i received as a gift, and i really do love it!

the entire idea for this book was conceived by a group of writers in san francisco. it is comprised of 642 writing prompts. from conception to delivery to originating editor's desk, it took just about 24 hours for this book to be created. pretty cool, i think. i'm hoping to find inspiration from this book whenever i encounter blog fog (aka writer's block), and if you love writing, maybe this will float your boat, too.

the second book is one that i'm hoping will teach me a whole bunch of stuff i'm not very good at.

i think the reasoning behind me choosing this book is self-explanatory. what i really like about it (besides its super cute cover) is that it's broken down into weekly, manageable chunks. this is good for me. it's not a quick fix, but instead it's a process. i never learned how to organize things when i was a kid, so i'm totally the type of person who needs to learn slowly instead of all at once. added bonus: maybe this will help me better teach the girls how to organize their things.

tomorrow morning, i go back to work. this was a great break, and i'm happy about all of the catching up i was able to do during the last two weeks: with the girls, with friends, with house stuff, with paperwork, and with sleep...

i truly hope you have your sights set on a wonderful 2013 (or 2012 + 1 as some of the triskaidekaphobics are calling it - which i love...), and i hope plenty of happiness, good health, and prosperity are in store for each and every one of us!


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