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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

yesterday i witnessed a miracle.

well, sort of.

on sunday, the girls and i found a dog. we didn't just find any old scruffy dog, we found a super cute, very well mannered little lady who just happened to not have on a collar.

when the girls brought her inside, i instantly realized she was exactly what we'd been looking for. and then i remembered exactly how wonderful our previously 'found' dogs were the sheer hell we went through with walter and hank (who wasn't with us long enough to earn a goodbye post).

regardless, this dog was lost and i was certain that if we didn't hang onto her, she would get run over.

they brought her in, i mentioned that she smelled sour, they asked if they could use my perfume, i gave her a bath, they called me a control was a beautiful moment. really, it was.

and within an hour of having this little dumpling in our home, i realized that she was actually a really, really good dog...

...and i realized the girls really, really liked her.

i also realized that because she was awesome and not horrendous, she probably already had a home of her own.

i told the girls we needed to make signs, and of course they asked why. i explained that if browning got out (and he has had his fair share of runaway attempts), we would want somebody to get him back to us.

they weren't buying my story.

people would bring him back because he eats too much...they said.

people would bring him back because he sheds everywhere...they insisted.

people would bring him back because he gets smelly...they pressed.

but wouldn't you miss him and worry about him?  i asked.

i thought this put things into perspective for them. i thought they understood what kind of 'sign' i was talking about - after all, they love reading the signs posted on the six-foot by four-foot bulletin board by the mailboxes in our neighborhood, and they maintain a nearly-constant vigil for any pets that might possibly be missing.

what if we wait for the owners to put up a sign first?  they wondered.

what about karma?  i countered.

this worked, i won, and they got out paper and markers and quickly set forth on their endeavor to make signs. fifteen minutes later, here's what jay brought to me:

and five minutes after that, cee brought me her handy work to inspect:

it was at this point that i made the decision to harbor the dog for the night because obviously our signs weren't hang-able.

before i knew it, they'd named her bella, decorated her dorm room, and made her a bow collar. they were completely smitten with her (and so was i).

she slept peacefully and without incident in her 'dorm room' (aka crate) all night long (i know this because i was extremely envious of her solid, regimented sleep habits).

when i 'woke up' yesterday, i decided i would have to take her to the vet (if i had time after my appointment) just to see if she was chipped.

i decided if she wasn't chipped, i would make signs of my own. minimal reverse psychology and no emotional appeal would be involved in my signs. we'd give it until friday and then we would make a decision about what would be the best option for us (and bella).

and that's where the miracle happened.

as soon as i walked into the vet with her, everybody oooo'ed and awww'ed at how cute she was.

set her on the table so i can scan her for a chip...the tech said.

the machine instantly chirped back at us indicating that she was, indeed, chipped.

what happened from there went by way too fast - a phone call to the main chip company. a second phone call to the akc chip people. confirmation that her name was lulu belle.

within five minutes of my arrival, i was giving my name and phone number to sherry in raleigh, and by the time i got home from the vet, lulu belle's owner was on her way to get her little lady from my house.

seriously miraculous.

lulu belle (who did a fantastic job of feigning her love for us) was very happy to see her owner, who only lives a few blocks away from us; the girls, on the other hand, were less than pleased with me for handling this on my own without their prior, written consent.

they aren't mad at me anymore (ice cream sundaes work miracles of their own), and we've been invited to visit lulu belle any time we'd like.

if your dog isn't already chipped, i hope you'll reconsider. it was pretty cool to see the reunion between pooch and human. my only regret is that the girls didn't get to see how happy the owner was to have her lulu belle back.

on the flip side of life, browning is breathing a huge, sheddy, hungry, stinky sigh of relief that he has 100% of our attention again.

this was a good lesson for the girls: a tough pill to swallow, but we did the right thing.

and they all lived happily ever after.



Tina said...

You, my friend, have a gift! I loved this post. I loved the title, I loved the girls' signs, I loved the miraculous reunion and I loved your words. Most of all I love the fact that you reminded me that we need to have our pooch chipped! Keep writing...I love them all!

it's just me... said...

Thank you so much, Tina! I appreciate your sweet made my day. :)

Sarah said...

I'm so glad this dog was reunited with her owner! I do want to add: When you find a lost dog, there are other things you can do besides scanning it for a chip. Most towns employ animal control officers, and one of their many tasks is to help reunite lost pets with their owners. In many towns, it is a requirement to register your pet. Registrations, along with descriptions and names of pets, are kept on file with names and addresses of owners. Sometimes all it takes is a quick phone call to your animal control officer to help find a pet's home.

it's just me... said...

Thanks for your comments, Sarah, and thanks for reading. I agree with you: it's always good when these stories have happy endings!

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