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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

dear dove,

i'm going to be honest with you: you really scared me this afternoon.

i'd just let browning outside, closed the sliding door, and no sooner than i turned to resume my horizontal position on the couch, it happened.

i don't do well with sudden, loud noises, and the 'thunk' you made when you slammed into the same sliding door i'd just closed made me scream. loudly. i don't even want to think about what would have happened if i had left the door open...

at first, all i saw was a fountain of white and gray feathers falling like snow from the air to the ground, collecting in a small pile on my back porch.

and, being a bird dog, browning knows a dead bird when he sees one. he saw you, and let's just say he's still got dead bird skills. which was kind of gross.

it was only after i convinced him to set you down gently in the yard that i noticed the blood splat you left on my door. which was also kind of gross.

it took me a few minutes to figure out how to give you a proper farewell, and in the end i think i did a fairly decent job considering that i was caught completely off guard by the circumstance.

i know this isn't all about me, and i'm really sorry that your new year started and ended in the same day. i'm sorry about your exit from this world into the next. i don't think that's how anybody really wants to go out, but it just goes to show you that we aren't ever fully in charge of anything that happens in our lives.

i do hope that my friends and family have an exponentially better 2013 than you did. in the meantime, little guy, rest in...


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