the gift of sight

Saturday, December 8, 2012

after putting it off for way too long, i finally got my eyes checked today.

any time i'm in a doctor's office, i'm always compelled to look at their medical licence. i'm not sure why, but today i was really glad i looked.

today was my lucky day: the lovely, cursive-embossed name on this license, at first glance, informed me that my eyes would be examined by...

bich what.

i patiently waited to meet bich what, and i wondered several times in that five minutes if i was part of some sort of an elaborate hoax. i looked for other interesting things in the room.

i found nothing else that indicated a potential ruse.

i thought it would be funny if anyone ever asked me for a recommendation for an optometrist (which happens as frequently as you might imagine), and i would simply answer, 'bich, what?

when bich what walked into the room and introduced herself as dr. le, i was visibly disappointed.

and you know how the rest of the exam part goes, so i'll spare you the details.

an hour later, i left with a new pair of contacts, and i honestly felt like bella swan-hyphen-cullen when she first wakes up as a vampire in breaking dawn: part 2 (which i've now seen...twice).

i could see things i'd never seen before...completely remarkable, and i decided that even if i was part of an elaborate hoax, i didn't care because i could see, which means that everybody wins.

and then i looked at my receipt so i could write my follow-up appointment in my awesome old-fashioned calendar.

as it turns out, my dr.'s name wasn't bich what, it was bich nhat.

i bet she gets that a lot, though...especially with the cursive font on her license and even more especially when working with people who can't see very well until they leave her office.

and that's that.


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