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Sunday, December 30, 2012

'surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget about the bad, and focus solely on the good. love the people who treat you right. after all life is too short to be anything but happy.'  
~karl marx
yesterday was one of those nearly perfect days where life gives you the chance to see how blessed you are by both people and circumstance. the girls and i met a couple of our dear friends who were in town (from out of town) for a late breakfast. it was great to catch up, laugh, and reminisce.
then we went to see parental guidance. i knew it would be cheesy and a little bit cliche, but what i didn't expect was for the girls to love it as much as they did.
cee and i have been traveling down a slightly bumpy road lately (queue the rapid onslaught of gray hairs), which i hear is pretty normal. not fun, but expected. i've read positive discipline for single parents from cover to cover (i'm generally a big fan of nelsen, although i'm not crazy about how she victimizes single parents - because for me it was a conscious choice...but that's just me), and the book has helped; but there is no specific chapter on ten year olds and that's what i really need!
jay watches the debacles unfold in sheer amazement, and that peace-loving child really doesn't like the bumps at all. neither do i, neither does cee, and we're doing our best to work through them.
with that said, our cheesy movie choice yesterday ended up being exactly what the three of us needed to see. i cried at the end. cee cried at the end. jay asked why everyone was crying at the end.
sometimes good messages come from unexpected places.
bumpy roads or smooth sailing, i will do my very best to make sure this sweet face knows that i love her unconditionally.

i will also do my very best to make sure this little pumpkin knows the same goes for her, always and forever.

they've recently acquired new nicknames: cee-note and jay-rock. my kids are much cooler than me, and in their spare time, they run with people who are equally as cool as them and create magnificent rapper nicknames for them.

yesterday i received a pretty sweet gift. i love ornaments, and this one was a keepsake from the april wedding i was in.

isn't it adorable? here are shots of the other sides...

you can bet i'll be giving these for gifts next year! if you like them as much as i do, feel free to order some for yourself. here's the link to elusive images' etsy page.

since my last post, i have, among other things, created a new background for the blog. i got the new banner up on wednesday, but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to upload the new background. i think i embedded the current image into the html code but i don't know enough about it to mess with it for fear of ruining things. so for now, i'm keeping it the same.

maybe i'll feel like trying again next week...but today i'm going to embrace karl marx's advice and enjoy another great day with incredible friends.


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Tina said...

We saw Parental Guidance last week and I cried at the end too. K loves the fact that the movie Parental Guidance is rated PG. :)

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