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Monday, December 24, 2012

i've said it before and i'll say it again: this is the most wonderful time of the year (in my book)! i love christmas. always have, always will.

we've watched almost all of our favorite family movies (polar express, christmas vacation, miracle on 34th street, the santa clause) and i've watched all of my favorites the girls can't watch yet (the holiday, love, actually), and tonight we have a christmas story and it's a wonderful life ready to go .

the girls and i tried something new this morning that i've been wanting to do for awhile. today seemed like a great day to start. we made our first donation to heifer international. they were already familiar with the organization, and naturally they wanted to donate a cow.

we can't afford a cow.

or a water buffalo.

or to send a girl to school.

we're budget people. we try to stick to our budget. but reading through this gift catalog puts life into a beautiful perspective.

what we could afford was a few flocks of chickens, because who wouldn't want a flock of chickens? in our house, we love chickens, and we hate the 'no poultry' clause of our hoa.

heifer is a great cause and i feel like it's a great way to encourage the girls to do kind things for people in need. if you have a few extra bucks after your holiday bliss is over, you should check it out and consider a donation of your own.

we spent a good part of our morning in the piano room, and i'm happy to report that i have two musical daughters and a musical old man in my house now.

here's jay practicing the song i taught her (please notice browning is checking out the whole process)...

cee never has been a fan of me videoing her, but today she was all about it. i'm pretty proud of her - we just started practicing this last night.

and if you noticed browning in cee's video, you realize that he was just getting him self spiffed up for a performance of his own, which i could not get onto youtube because i was laughing way too hard to attempt to film him.

but hopefully now you have an idea of why i think he's so amazing. whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks has never met my dog. or my girls for that matter.

and lest you think i'm not about equal video access for my children or that i would ever show you a video of one's musical talents without highlighting the musical talents of the other, i have one more little treat for you, circa 2009.


alright - we're headed out to our christmas eve destination and we hope you have a wonderful christmas with your loved ones. we will have lots of laughs tonight, and i'm anticipating a few tears too because jay always hates saying goodbye to jerry.

i haven't written a lot about jerry (the tiny elf) this year because i feel like there's a lot of elf backlash and elf hate in the social media world and i didn't want anybody to hate on our elf, but i did want to let you see how lucky we are to have a sweet and thoughtful elf (as opposed to a selfish, mess-making, nuisance) in our humble abode...

merry christmas (and lots of wine) to all!

peace (and hippos and heifers and elves and merry gentlemen and singing dogs)...

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