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Sunday, December 2, 2012

i watched rock center the other night (possibly thursday?), and i was inspired. and i wanted to write and tell you all about it before i went to bed that night.

but i didn't.

and then i put it off until last night...

...which obviously didn't happen either, and now i'm really tired but i still want you to know about something that i think is pretty amazing.

did you know about the two awesome nfl brothers?

{no, not the mannings...}

i'm talking about husain and hamza abdullah.

such an amazing story of a family who went above and beyond in achieving the american dream, faced ridiculous forms of bigotry after september 11, and went on to do amazing things for themselves and others.

and now they've passed on (as in they said 'no thank you for now'...not as in they passed it on to a new generation) their million-dollar salaries...all in an effort to complete part of their dreams.

it's a pretty spectacular story, and i think it's a great example of how much you can achieve if you just put your heart and your mind to whatever it is that means the most to you. the phrase 'human potential' came to mind when i was watching this the other night...

check it out when you have a chance.

there are some other things that have happened on the home front, but i'm not ready to tell you just yet because i don't really know how to tell you...and because on a scale of one to ten, my communication skills can't wait to reach a five when they grow up.

right now, i'm watching the holiday, and i love this movie. a lot. and i love you've got mail even slightly more. and don't even get me started on other christmas classics like christmas vacation and it's a wonderful life and love, actually...

but we'll talk about those later.

because right now it's bedtime.


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