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Thursday, December 20, 2012

yesterday was our last day of school for 2012. whew!!

i think we've all earned a break, and today it finally felt like christmas! a cold front made its way into our neck of the woods last night, and like most of america did a couple of months ago, we finally followed suit and made the transition from shorts to sweaters.

tonight, the girls and i took in the ambiance of our local trail of lights. on our drive from point a to point b, i was reminded of how i first fell in love with our small town eleven years ago.

when we first moved here, there was one stop light, and it blinked. i made an accidental turn through this little town in december 2001, on my way from a christmas party in central austin to a family birthday weekend in bandera, and my accidental shortcut was a necessity due to my impatience with the traffic.

the twinkling christmas lights adorning all of the downtown buildings combined with the billowing garlands hanging over the streets had me wrapped around their little finger in a matter of seconds. it was just two months after september 11, and somehow i knew this rockwellian place was where i needed to be.

and here i we are. we're up to almost four stop lights that no longer blink, but instead transition between red, yellow, and green...with arrows.

and despite my best efforts to capture a picture of the main street that runs through downtown, i can't seem to catch a decent one to show you the magic of christmas here because it's never completely empty and the glow of red brake lights interferes with the beauty. of course, i could probably sneak out in the middle of the night and get the exact picture i want, but i really like sleep.

regardless, it's been fun to grow here...

the park where we went tonight has only been a park for a few years, and it is now one of our favorite places to go year-round, but especially during christmas because of the fabulous lights.

the girls even got to catch up with santa, which was an unexpected cherry on top of an already great night. their santa letters were consistent with what they discussed with him, which works out well for everyone.

watching the girls take it all in, watching them hug their friends who they haven't seen since yesterday, listening to the sounds of families and friends and happiness and christmas music and general cheer, and watching the girls joke and giggle with each other as they sipped their hot all really restored my energy. and my spirit. and my smile.

i felt like i was running pretty close to empty, and tonight was exactly what i needed...

right now, my children are nestled all snug in their beds, and i'm not far behind them.

but first, i think i'll enjoy the last couple of hours of the mayan calendar with a glass of wine and my latest nook download.

more soon, unless that giant cement slab is right, and then, at the very least, i'll go out as a very merry, content woman.

either way, peace...

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