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Saturday, November 17, 2012

i love sleep. a lot. i also love my friends. a lot. and i love twilight...not in a teeny-bopper way, and not in a vampire-lore kind of way, but i'm a sucker for romeo and juliet love stories.

there. i said it.


after waiting (impatiently) for over a year, thursday night, i went to see the new breaking dawn with a group of dear friends. so much fun! so worth staying up well past my bedtime! so fun to sit by someone with a british accent! so shouldn't have had the second vodka that i ordered...

and yesterday i really wasn't sure i would be able to make it through the day without dozing off.

somehow, i managed to survive, and after 12 hours of sleep last night, i feel like a new woman. i'm ready to conquer the world today!

when i say 'ready to conquer the world,' i mean that when i woke up at 7 am, i actually thought, 'i'm going to go for a jog!!' and then i checked the temperature and decided that 39 degrees wasn't ideal jogging weather, but instead an indicator that i should sleep for two more hours.

and so i did. that's how i intend to conquer the nap at a time.

i have nine days of no school, the girls are with their dad for a few days, and i have a million things i want to accomplish at home between now and tuesday.

something that's been all the buzz around austin for the last few months is finally here - formula one racing, aka f1, at circuit of the americas, aka 'cota'. it's finally here, and i think austin is going to be a huge, giant mess of people this weekend. messier than normal.

the whole home screen of today's statesman is nothing but f1...

i won't even pretend to know anything at all about f1 racing, but it has been fascinating to follow in the news. a real estate friend of mine was managing high-value properties for this week/weekend and there are ranches/estates renting for $20-150k for this event. i heard on the radio that a sheik booked the top three floors of the four seasons for the week. pocket change, i'm sure.

madness, right? i'm always amazed by events like this in the midst of a struggling economy. i can't quite put all the pieces together in my non-business-y mind, but supply and demand combined with the mindset of 'it takes money to make money' play a huge role in this, i'm certain.

my plan for the weekend is to hunker down at home (to avoid the mayhem), cross a million (or twenty-three) things off my to do list, meet up with a few friends for some much-needed catching up, fix a few things at home, and cook a few things (also at home).

cee's 10th birthday is wednesday (how is that possible?), and our thanksgiving is going to be a little different this year. i'm a creature of habit, so i'm going to have my own version of thanksgiving in advance of the real deal.

in the last few weeks, i have spent more time on hold with time warner cable than one would think was humanly possible, and i promise not to bore you with the gory details. hopefully i'm spending my last few minutes on hold with them right now, and then my weekend can officially begin.

i've been working on a couple of other posts for next week, and with any luck at all, the limited internet access i'm anticipating will allow me to get those out to you late next week. fingers crossed. :)

i am so excited for tomorrow's food network live thanksgiving show that i am literally counting down...23 hours and 53 minutes to go.

until next time, i hope your weekend and your week are filled with at least a little time to reflect on all of your own blessings and the things for which you're thankful. and i also hope that you are able to carve out some time in your life for truckloads of peace...

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