Tuesday, November 27, 2012, i am not hunting saber-toothed rabbits.

i'm just settling in for a quiet night at home.

for those of you who know me, you know i value my alone time...peace and quiet is a very necessary component of my life.

for those of you who don't know me, my introverted self starts to malfunction after too many days without at least a few moments (ideally a minimum of 720 minutes) of solid nobody-but-me time.



do i mind being weird in this scenario?

not a bit.

i did get to go to the tech v. baylor game on saturday, which was seriously a great time. i yelled and screamed and pretended i knew about football until i was completely hoarse. the girls really got into it, too, and we won't even talk about the way the game ended. overtime was not pretty.

but jerry's world was amazing.

really - such a beautiful stadium (and yes, i have a few others with which to compare it).

and speaking of jerry's world, it's that time of year again...the little man in red is up to his usual antics.

our elf is back, and the girls are totally down with early-to-bed/early-to-rise. all i have to say is 'it looks like jerry moved last night...' and they are out of bed, on an elf hunt in the blink of an eye.

it's pretty awesome.

enough about all of that. at the present moment, every candle in my house is glowing, a fire is crackling in my fire place, the christmas tree is twinkling, and i have a glass of wine close by.

i have had the following quote in mind all day long because it's totally apropos...

'do not take anything for granted - not one smile or one person or one rainbow or one breath, or one night in your cozy bed.' ~terri guillements


several things have happened in the last few days that have made me appreciate each and every breath that my loved ones (family and friends) are able to take. there are so many things that each one of us take for granted, and despite my best intentions, i need to take more time to appreciate every bit of what life provides to me...including the health and harmony of some of my very most favorite people.

on a more shallow (but equally sincere) note, i also take my bed for granted. i will, in the very near future, dive directly into my very own cozy bed in between my incredibly awesome sheets and covers, and i hope to sleep very soundly and peacefully (hopefully for about 480 minutes).

and tomorrow when i wake up, i will be a new more pleasant person than i was today.


peace (and quiet)...

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