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Friday, November 2, 2012

...i managed to turn a few heads at home depot earlier this week.

usually i walk in and feel instantly invisible from the moment i cross the threshold...that place is definitely a man's world {insert james brown song}, and i'm normally more of a lowe's kind of gal.

however, if you walk in and ask for rope, duct tape, a black light, and a plastic tarp and flash an innocent smile, i guarantee that you'll garner some quick attention.

before you panic on me and think i've committed a horrible, messy crime, let me explain.

last weekend, i trimmed my front shrubs and i raked all the loose branches to the side of my house because my neighborhood has huge dumpsters this weekend (and those branches would have taken up all the extra room in my trash can). my genius plan was to wrap the branches in a plastic tarp so i didn't get leaves in my car. clean and neat.

and the rest of my mastermind supplies?

nothing more than a simple halloween decoration and a spooky light for my porch.

i'm sad to tell you that i have just relinquished my mom-of-the-year title because i did not a get a single picture of the girls dressed up in their costumes this year - while fighting a sinus infection, i've managed to have a fair amount of medicine head this week.

the great news is that i now have a z-pac and some tussin pearls (which are effective, but not nearly as glamourous as they sound like they should be)...

now i hope you'll excuse me while i wash those down with some chilly vino.

sleep awaits me in the very near future.

peace (and pearls)...

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